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Mahesh Ramani
02 Dec 2014 203 1 min Share

Why you should consider studying in Netherlands

A general overview of studying in the Netherlands and why students should consider the Netherlands as a higher education destination.

02 Dec 2014 203 1 min Share
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In this video, Amita gives a general overview of studying in the Netherlands and why students should consider the Netherlands as a higher education destination. Nuffic Neso Desk started operations in India in 2008 in 2009 a second office in Chennai was also opened.
Amita says that the Dutch way of teaching is based on ‘problem-solving’ and is highly effective. The Netherlands is extremely popular and well known for its courses in all aspects of design and technology. Netherlands is a great place to work as well and there are numerous opportunities in the creative and design industries. Students in the Netherlands are extremely well connected on social networks and this is a very good thing when one hunts for a job on completing studies.
In the 2012 QS World rankings 12 Dutch institutions feature in the top 200 institutions of the world. This speaks volumes of the quality of the education offered by Dutch institutions. In the latest 2013 ARWRU rankings three Dutch institutions made it to the top 100 institutions. The Netherlands offers a global education and also has post-study work opportunities.
A number of popular Dutch companies like Shell and Philips offer jobs to top-performing students. Students may also be able to get a chance to work in the Indian branches of these companies.
There is a sizeable Indian student community in the Netherlands; four top institutions - Delft University of Technology, Maastricht University, University of Twente and Eindhoven University of Technology have ‘Indian Student Associations’. These groups have Facebook pages and help prospective Indian students who wish to come to the Netherlands for higher studies. The Netherlands has a moderately sized Indian community of expatriates. There are a number of people for Suriname who are essentially descendants of Hindu workers who used as labourers by the Dutch in their plantations. After the coup and regular unrest in Suriname a number of Surinamese have migrated to the Netherlands and have been integrated into Dutch society.
In the next video, Amita talks about the scholarships available for students aspiring to study in the Netherlands.

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