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Mahesh Ramani
29 Jan 2015 10K 2 mins Share

5 easy ways to find a part-time job in the USA

This article will list some of the popular part-time jobs available for international students, job-listing resources, average wages and employment rules and restrictions.

29 Jan 2015 10K 2 mins Share
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The USA is the land of opportunity; where hard work is rewarded and no dream is impossible; if one has the passion and ambition to fulfil one’s dreams. As an international student in the USA; you will be able to work part-time in a variety of jobs. This article will list some of the popular part-time jobs available for international students, job-listing resources, average wages and employment rules and restrictions.

A Very Important Rule:

Students on an F-1 visa can only work on-campus in their first year of studies. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) may grant permission to F-1 visa holders to work off-campus in their second year of study. Students also need to get authorisation from their Designated School Official (DSO) to work off-campus. Students on an M-1 visa cannot take up employment other than for practical training. Visit the USCIS website for more details.

Popular Part-Time Jobs for Students:

  • Work within the university - library assistants, lab assistants, data-entry operators
  • Jobs in the hospitality and tourism industry - ranging from part-time waiters, waitresses, baristas to pizza delivery boys, catering assistants and front-office assistants.
  • Based on the location of your institution you may find a job as a part-timer in an amusement park or a tourist resort.
  • There are some good options to work as language interpreters. In a globalised economy we see professionals from countries as diverse as Japan, China and Korea coming to the USA on business. Part-time language interpreters and translators can earn good money.

Five Resources for Finding Part-Time Jobs:

  • The International Students Office and the Career Guidance Cell at your institution will have information on current and upcoming vacancies in local businesses.
  • Local newspapers, magazines and community websites will have information on local job vacancies.
  • The larger the institution and more the number of departments and faculties a better chance of an internal temporary job in one of the departments.
  • Visit popular websites like Simply Hired, Craigslist and CollegeGrad for job-vacancies.
  • From LinkedIn to Facebook the power of the social network is indisputable; join relevant groups on these websites and follow network updates.

Why a Good CV Matters?

The CV or ‘curriculum vitae’ is your most important selling point; be it a full-time or a part-time job; all prospective employers get to choose you based on your CV and how well you answer their questions. On an average; prospective employers spend 3 minutes on a CV; if they are impressed they spend further time reading it. So in essence one has about 3 minutes to make a good impression about one’s skills, education and work-experience within two pages of printed text.
Keep the CV crisp and simple; highlighting why you would like to work with your prospective employer and how your skills can be used effectively. A well-structured CV with a clear career aim/purpose is an excellent tool.


Wages vary depending on the job-role and location a number of internships are unpaid and voluntary work at charitable and non-governmental organisations is a great way to gather relevant work-experience. On an average students may earn anywhere between US$250 and US$500 every month working part-time.  

Work with Care:

The USA has strict and stringent rules when it comes to working part-time, as indicated in the second paragraph of this article. Ensure that you are not breaking any employment or immigration laws in your part-time job. All the best for your studies and part-time work in the USA!
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