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Priyanka Karunan
08 Dec 2014 2K 2 mins Share

Scholarships for International Students to Study in US

The article explain about how to apply for scholarships, types of scholarships and best practices.

08 Dec 2014 2K 2 mins Share
Finance is a prime concern for parents and students. Therefore it is important to know the ways in which one can tackle financial issues. Scholarships are made available for both international as well as native students by the universities in the US.
Here Biruda Vikrud of iGrad Global, talks about the various scholarships that are made available for international students. In the United States scholarships made available for international students are based on merit. The resident students are eligible for need-based scholarships, which are dispersed by the government while international students are eligible only for scholarships offered by the university. 
The scholarships available for international students can be broken down into three categories.
Tuition waivers are provided to international students depending on various factors like his/her past academics, entrance exam scores, technical portfolio, community service initiatives and extracurricular activities. This will offer a flat reduction on fees by 30% or 40%.
Students looking forward to do a PhD are provided with a research stipend and will also let the student work as a research assistant under a professor. This can reduce the cost to a great extend. 
The student’s proficiency in English language could give him/her the opportunity to do teaching assistance. This gives you a chance to groom and mould the undergraduate students.
Students who are doing an MBA programme are also provided with tuition waivers as they don’t get enough time to do research and take up teaching assistance.
This would amount to fifteen thousand US dollars and they are broken down based on semesters. The students who are qualified for these are observed for the first semester and based on their performance would be given assistance on a continuous base.
India offers scholarships for students seeking to pursue higher education abroad. Various trusts and organizations like Bharat Petroleum, Rotary Club and other organisations are willing to fund students with endowments. Even though this amounts to a lesser figure it can be utilized for travel expenses. Loans are another source for funding students looking for a degree abroad.
In the United States international students are provided with scholarships from universities in various forms like tuition waivers, teaching assistance and stipend for PhD students. Apart from these the students can look forward to the scholarships provided by their home country and also for loans from banks.
The next video in queue offers information on the process of applying for a US student visa. 

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