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29 Jan 2015 12.7K 2 mins Share

How to Apply for a Swedish Student Visa?

The article depicts you the process involved in applying for a Swedish student visa and documents required for it.

29 Jan 2015 12.7K 2 mins Share
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Sweden Student Visa
Sweden is a wonderful country to study in making it no wonder that students from across the globe flock to the country each year to further their studies. Before heading off to the country to begin school you will need to obtain a student visa. If you happen to be student whose country of residence is India, the process you take is relatively simple and straight forward making the option to study abroad that much more attractive.

How to Obtain a Swedish Student Visa/Residence Permit?

If your plan is to study in Sweden for longer than three months then you will need a residence permit. This will need to be entered into your passport before you even arrive in Sweden so you will need to complete the process in advance.
First you must meet the requirements which are:
  • You have to study full-time
  • You must have a letter from the organization confirming your admission to a course of study
  • You must participate in an organized exchange program
  • You must fully intend to leave Sweden when your course of study ends
  • You must be able to supply the name of the organization or person who can be contacted
You can apply at the Swedish Embassy or consulate in India. The consulate or embassy will then send your application to the Migration Board in Sweden to make the final decision.The waiting period is anywhere from six to eight weeks, so you will want to do this well in advance of the start of your program.The Swedish embassy encourages all students to apply for their Visas or residence permit as soon as they are accepted into a Swedish University as there are always a lot of students that try to enter the country each fall.
Another thing to keep in mind is that once you've been accepted into a Swedish country students living in a non EU/EEA country (such as India) must pay their tuition fees before even applying for their visa/residence permit. When you fill out your residence permit application you'll need to show that you have paid your tuition and that you can financially support yourself for a full year while studying abroad.
If you plan on attending courses/classes in the fall then the deadline is usually mid-January. For spring term dates the deadline is usually mid-August.
Even if you plan to study in Sweden for less than three months keep in mind you may still need a Student Visa so it’s still best you inquire about more information.
For more information be sure to visit:
Swedish Migration Board:
With so many wonderful things to be said about its education system it’s no wonder that students look to Sweden as a progressive, forward-thinking destination in which to further their studies. 

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