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08 Dec 2014 671 2 mins Share

Things to consider when searching for an accommodation in UK

Find out the best tips to Choose university accomodation while studying abroad

08 Dec 2014 671 2 mins Share
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When it comes to heading to the UK to study at your chosen university; one of the things which you’ll need to spend time considering before you leave is where you’ll live. Most universities have their own student accommodation for freshers, however, that’s not the only option and its well worth taking time to consider all options. In addition to that, you need to do some research on the area in which you’ll be living and decide on the best location to look for accommodation in and also set yourself a budget for your rent.

As such, we thought we’d put together our top tips for choosing university accommodation in the UK, looking at the main things which you need to take into consideration when weighing up all the possible options.

Which Type Of Accommodation Is Best Suited To You?

First things first; you need to decide what form of accommodation best suits you. Traditionally, most students will start their university life in university owned student halls; however other options to consider are privately rented houses or privately owned halls. Privately rented houses are generally not a great option for fresher’s as you’ll need to apply as a group, however privately owned halls can be great for those who’d prefer a little more luxury than the bare basics of university halls. All in all, though, university halls are generally the best option as they often work out cheapest and will see you living with other students in the same year or on a similar course, meaning it’s a fantastic opportunity for you to make friends when you first arrive.

Location, Location, Location

Once you’ve chosen your preferred accommodation type, you need to look at the location. You always want to make sure you’re within walking distance of the part of campus where your lectures will be if at all possible however if you can’t find suitable accommodation close by, always make sure there’s strong public transport links to university close by. Location is as important as the type of accommodation you choose so be sure to take your time to research carefully...after all; it’s somewhere you’ll be living for at least the next 12 months.

Finding Suitable Accommodation & Applying

From there on in, it’s simply a case of finding suitable accommodation within your budget and applying for it...priority will often be given to international students as there’s a sense of urgency to get something in place so, in most cases, you shouldn’t be waiting long to hear back.
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