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Mahesh Ramani

Mahesh Ramani is a senior content editor for the Hotcourses India- an IDP company.


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Student Life in Sweden

Want to Know about Student Life in Sweden ? Check this exclusive latest article in 2013.

17 Aug 2015 2.2K Book icon 3 mins Share
Mahesh Ramani

Mahesh Ramani is a senior content editor for the Hotcourses India- an IDP company.


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Student Life in Sweden

"Välkommen till Sverige" that’s “Welcome to Sweden” in Swedish!

Sweden is amongst the most beautiful countries in the world with amazing lakes, mountains and extremely beautiful churches and museums. Sweden is known for its friendly people and is considered to be among the safer countries in Europe. Sweden has a number of higher education institutions of repute, which admit international students to their courses.

Higher Education in Sweden:

Higher education in Sweden is delivered through universities and university colleges. There are a total of 52 universities in Sweden and a number of affiliated university colleges. So finding a specific course or university of one’s choice will not be a problem.

Common Application Form:

The biggest advantage for Indian students looking to study in Sweden is that they can just fill one form as Sweden follows a centralised admissions process. Students can list down the universities of their preference and submit the application form.
Applications are processed online via the official portal for international student admissions. There are two sets of admissions every academic year; an autumn semester admission rounds in January and April and admission rounds in August and October for the spring semester.

Supporting Documents:

Applicants should submit all necessary mark-sheets starting from their higher secondary scores to the last received academic qualification and proof of English language proficiency. On receipt of these documents; they are scanned and forwarded to the various universities which the applicant has selected in his / her application form. On verification of the application form and supporting documents, student will receive an email notification. An application processing fee of 900 Swedish Kronor equivalent to INR 7, 600 is charged for each application; irrespective of the number of universities that the student has applied.

Top-5 Universities:

The top-5 universities in Sweden as per this website are:
1. KTH Royal Institute of Technology
2. Linköping University
3. Uppsala University
4. Lund University
5. Stockholm University
KTH Royal Institute of Technology 
KTH Royal Institute of Technology was established in 1827 and is Europe’s premier technical university offering various innovative courses in multiple streams of engineering design and technology. It is Sweden’s oldest technical university and has a small but growing number of Indian students.
Linkoping University
Linkoping University or LiU started in the 1960s is a multi-faculty university with two campuses. With a strong focus on research and job-centric programs; LiU has 27,300 students across subject categories.
Uppsala University
Uppsala University or UU goes back to 1477 and is the first university in Scandinavia. With nine faculties UU offers 39 different master programmes covering 60 specialisations. UU consistently ranks within the top 100 universities in the world.
Lund University
Lund University has a long and vibrant history covering almost 350 years of teaching. Eight faculties offer a variety of courses ranging from arts and science to aviation and medicine. Lund University’s research output ranks consistently amongst the best in the world.
Stockholm University
Stockholm University based out of Sweden’s capital city was established in 1878. The University has in excess of 60,000 students and has close to 5,000 staff-members. Stockholm University ranks within the top-50 universities in Europe and offers courses in law, sciences, humanities, arts and languages.

Living in Sweden:

Sweden is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary democracy. Sweden is amongst the most progressive nations in the world and is considered a stable economy with very high standards of living. Sweden has been welcoming international students for quite some time now; though Indian students have only very recently started considering Sweden as study destination. This is primarily due to the misconception that courses are not taught in English. Swedish universities offer courses in English and a majority of the Swedish public do speak English. Picking up a bit of Scandinavian and Swedish would be a good idea if you wish to study in Sweden as it will prove helpful in you day-to-day life in Sweden.


The Student Union at your university or college of choice will help you find accommodation. Options range from flats, on-campus accommodation and student dormitories and costs vary based on the location of the accommodation and the facilities on offer. Prices range from 2000 SEK to 4,500 SEK per month.

Work Opportunities:

Indian students need to get a work-permit and a residence permit by registering with the Swedish Migration Board. On receiving the necessary permits and clearance from their university; students can proceed to work. 

Swedish Culture:

Swedish people try to treat everyone equally, regardless of job titles or social status. The spirit of equality affects the Swedish culture in a number or ways. A very important feature of Swedish life is patience and waiting in queues; there is a queue everywhere and one will not find the mad rush of disorganised chaos that one sees in India. Coffee breaks, or fika, are a deep-rooted feature of both working and private life in Sweden. Swedes take work and play seriously and most Swedes are active outdoors-adventure lovers with a penchant for skiing and mountain-climbing.
Sweden with its proximity to other European capital cities is a great place to study and offers a safe and competitive learning and work environment. Come apply to a Swedish institution today!
“Grattis och lycka till” that is “All the best” in Swedish!
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