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Kavitha Vijeyavelan
24 Nov 2017 144 3 mins Share

The five secret ingredients required to create a successful admission essay

What makes a good admission essay? Five things to know and remember while writing your essay

24 Nov 2017 144 3 mins Share

Can you really walk up to an admission officer and coax him/her to accept you at their university simply based on your academic record? Well, you should not because any university you apply at will ask for an admission essay, besides other documents, to see if they are selecting the right candidate.

The sooner you realise that, the better! An admission essay should speak about your achievements and give a clear picture to the university that you are a deserving student who has come a long way and is passionate about the course that you have applied for. Say, if you have applied for a masters programme in computer science, it is imperative that your essay should mention at least a few achievements in your field of interest and also indicate why you are so interested in it. An essay need not speak volumes of you, but it is good to give a topical idea on why you feel that ‘computer science’ could tread the path for you that you have been thinking of.  

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Essay says it all!

The essay is a piece of writing that could reveal the most important side of you that your test scores and grades sometimes do not.

Even if your grades and scores portray you as an average student, the admission essay is what could take you from seeming bland to seeming exceptional. This could be a total game changer for you.

Every crowd has a silver lining!

Just think about it. All the highly reputed universities from across the globe could just admit students based on their ranks and test scores – and send their acceptance letters to those students with the best qualifications. But No! Do they do that? And why do you think? They are looking for students who are a perfect fit for the course – beyond just an academic level.

Universities understand that the highest-qualified applicants mostly may be from a certain kind of background. And they understand that there may have been various factors that could have played a part in restricting other students from achieving such results, such as the financial factor. Through an admission essay, a level-playing field is created for all kinds of students from all sorts of backgrounds who want to apply.

Know what and when to write

Write about your accomplishments – one or two most significant ones. We know you are tempted to put all your time into showcasing yourself as that perfect student, but do this instead and (believe you-me) you are sure to make an impression.

But – watch out – there is a fine line between tooting your own horn here. Do not undersell (Could be something along the lines of: Yes, I raised $20,000 for AIDS research this year, but it is not really that big deal), or get braggy. Talk about your accomplishments but without any bravado.

Just pen down your actions and let your achievements speak for themselves.  This way, you are revealing details about your activities and giving the admissions committee some room to interpret your accomplishments, rather just listing them out and missing to cover the drive you have and how motivated you are towards your goals.  Talk about why you woke up at 4 a.m. every day the past year to prepare for that National level Science competition that you won; instead just talking about the trophy (Snore!).

Run a spell check!

And despite all the advice you find regarding the admission essay, it is still easy to fall into the trap of turning this piece of writing into your resume. An essay that lacks a unifying theme, consists of irrelevant anecdotes, filled with poor word choice or one that begins with a strong opening and ends weak is sure to put off the admissions committee. In addition to these, grammatical and punctuation errors are something that should be avoided. Why slow yourself down in the race when you are so close to the finishing line? All you need to do is proofread.

Keep your eyes on the prize!

Your goal is to gain admission – so with every line you write make sure you stick to the point. The information that you provide should convince the admissions officer to consider you as a better choice – over hundreds of other applicants – for the course you are applying.

These are your admission essay basics. We hope you blow the mind of the admissions committee away! In case you need any help or are just looking for more pointers, reach out to us! We are just a click and call away from you! 

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