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Kavitha Vijeyavelan
20 Jul 2015 45K 2 mins Share

USA's Spring 2015 Admissions - Step-by-Step Plan

Things you should know if you are planning to apply for spring intake in US universities.

20 Jul 2015 45K 2 mins Share
Given the increasing number of students applying year on year, colleges and universities in the USA are naturally not be able to admit all of its chosen applicants in the much sought after Fall term and has introduced Spring admissions. The Spring quarter runs from March to June. 
Spring admissions are definitely not something to fret about. Some students may even find beginning the college journey mid-year to be more of an advantage giving them plenty of time before course commencement. Many universities have begun designing their courses in such a way that students admitted during the Spring term also receive the same education as the Fall term.

Must Know Spring-Admit-Facts!

Here are a few must know facts for those looking at spring admissions: 
  • Spring admitted students, unlike the common misconception, are in fact eligible for internship. Typically, in the USA, students are not considered eligible for Curricular Practical Training (CPT) unless they’ve completed one academic year, i.e. two whole semesters or three quarters. Grad students are an exception to this rule- students who are enrolled in graduate programs which require immediate participation in CPT may go for internships on completion of just one semester in the USA. Most top universities hold this requirement for spring admissions. Students may therefore go for summer internships, having started their courses only in spring. 
  • It’s a fact that some of the courses offered in Fall are generally not offered in Spring; students admitted in Spring will be made to take the core courses. Students may choose to take the optional courses in Fall. Fall and Spring applicants will mostly share the same set of courses overall.
  • The chance of getting the US F1 Visa does not vary depending on when students acquire admission.
  • It is another common misconception that Spring admits will not be eligible for financial aid, scholarships, and assistantships. They hold as much a chance of getting a teaching assistantship and research assistantship as Fall admits. 

2015 Spring Intakes

Here are a few top USA universities that are offering Spring admissions for the year 2014-15 and their application deadlines: 
  • University of Maryland, Baltimore County – 1-Jun
  • University of South Florida, Tampa – 1-Jun
  • North Carolina State University – 15-Jul
  • University of Michigan, Dearborn – 1-Aug
  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute – 15-Aug
  • South Dakota School of Mines & Tech – 15-Aug
  • Florida International University – 1-Sep & 1-Oct
  • Oakland University, Rochester – 1-Sep
  • Northern Illinois University, DeKalb – 1- Oct
  • Tennessee Technological University – 1- Oct
  • University of Wyoming, Laramie – 1-Nov
  • Vanderbilt University – 1-Nov
  • University of South Alabama, Mobile – 1-Dec
  • University of Southern California – 1-Dec
  • Missouri University of Science & Technology, Rolla – 15-Dec
  • Wright State University, Dayton – Rolling
  • University of Toledo – Rolling

While Waiting For Spring!

Now that we’ve had a look at the timelines and basics of spring admissions, let’s have a look at how students can consider spending their time till the Spring quarter.
Here are a few tips on what students could do:
  • With the extra semester in hand, students can take time to work and save up money for college, volunteer, or travel for gaining international exposure.
  • Students can choose to develop their academic skills to qualify for college-level classes and have credits transferred once courses commence. 
  • Students can choose to attend colleges as extension students- some colleges offer spring admits the chance to study in the fall through mentorship programs where spring admits will be able to participate in campus life and avail accommodation like regular students.
  • Students can get their studying started in advance as most professors post the syllabus and required reading lists online.
Above all - spring admissions may be the perfect way for students, amidst their hectic lives, to take the much deserved break from academics that they really need. Explore all options and learn how to make the most out of being a Spring admit. Have a look at some of our USA course listings, for an idea of what’s on offer.
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