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Kavitha Vijeyavelan
08 Dec 2014 4.5K 2 mins Share

Can International Students Work In The UK After Graduation?

The article sheds some light on the employment opportunities for international students in the UK on graduation.

08 Dec 2014 4.5K 2 mins Share
Katy Scott, International Officer of the Eurasia and South Asia Region for the University of Glasgow, sheds some light on the employment scene for international students in the UK on graduation. Unlike in some countries where international students have the stay-back option after completion of studies, the UK welcomes international students to stay back if they have secured a job. The job acquired must be a graduate level job in line with the subject that the students have studied in. It must also satisfy the minimum income requirement.
Katy advises students to start thinking of employment really early to stay well prepared. For students doing their masters program, she tells us that there is only one year for them to think about what kind of jobs they would like to start applying for soon. September intakes, Katy says, can take a couple of months  to relax, make friends, get to know the city, and then start to do a little research about the present employment scene in their line of interest. Students should take interest in career fairs or science and engineering fairs that are conducted and use those as opportunities to connect with employers to see what they are really looking for. 
She explains that December is usually the exam time and by January, the results will be out. By this time, Katy Scott feels students will start to get a hang of how their degree starts to pan out and what kind of grades they will acquire. At this point of time, she advises students to up their job search. Students should start connecting with employers who are looking for students in the level that they’re at.
Students should make good use of career services on campus to learn all about how to attend interviews, fixing up a good CV, and the application process for jobs in the UK.
During the period of May to September, students will generally be occupied with their projects and may not have too much time to explore the various available job opportunities. This is the reason why Katy feels that students should proactively start the job search and exploration earlier on.
Katy Scott mentions that the University of Glasgow currently has 20 graduate entrepreneurial visas available. These are for students studying MBA or other programs with entrepreneurship attached. Students will be made to work with students in and around Glasgow to help them develop their business plan and then they have the opportunity to stay back and set up a branch in the UK.

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