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04 Sep 2017 14.4K 1 min Share

Post Study Work Visa Norms in Singapore for Indian Students

This article gives you an idea about the work visa norms in Singapore and part-time work options for Indian students who are studying in Singapore.

04 Sep 2017 14.4K 1 min Share
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Indian students who are studying at private universities in Singapore, who want to stay back and work after completing their degrees usually receive a visa extension of 1–3 months (depending on each institution). And once the students get employed, an S pass is issued to them by the ICA department.

On the other hand, government institutions, polytechnics and some foreign leading campuses of overseas universities usually issue Long Term Visit Pass (LTVP) which is valid for 1 year, to students who want to stay back and search for jobs, after completing their studies  in Singapore.

Part-time work options for Indian students in Singapore:

Part-time work options are not available for students who are studying at private universities. But with government universities and polytechnics, 16 hrs per week of part-time work options are available for international students. However, students willing to work part time while studying in Singapore must enquire with their universities for approval.

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