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08 Dec 2014 3.8K 1 min Share

Work Rights in Sweden for Indian students

Work Rights - As Indian citizens do we have the right to work in Sweden without any permission? Get to know the news, facts and policies to work in Sweden after your studies.

08 Dec 2014 3.8K 1 min Share
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Sweden is a country known for its independent thought, culture of innovation, research expertise and high standards of living. No wonder it is increasingly being picked as the country of choice by Indian students looking to go abroad for higher studies.

Working while studying in Sweden

Any Indian student who intends to go to Sweden to study a full-time university course which is longer than three months needs to apply for a residence permit.  If you are enrolled at a Swedish university or university college you can work in Sweden during the course of your studies. Your student residence permit will remain valid and you don’t need to apply for a separate work permit.

But at most Swedish universities, a full course load equals to a 40 hour work week. The individual assignments and group work will keep you occupied for most part of the week. So while you prioritise study over work, you need to learn to strike a balance between working part-time and studying in Sweden.

One of the best places to find part-time jobs is at your university. While these jobs may be hard to get as they are always in demand, there are usually a few positions available in every department for teachers and course assistants, especially if you are a postgraduate student. You can also work off campus at restaurants, cafeterias, and stores but these will require Swedish language skills.

Working after graduating

If you have received a job offer after you have finished your studies you are allowed to stay in Sweden to work. Once you have received a written offer of employment, you can apply for a Swedish work permit.

Currently, the student residence permit covers only the period while the student is studying at university. This means, as soon as you finish your course, you either need to find a job and apply for a work permit, or leave the country.

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