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Five Websites with GMAT Mock Tests

Numerous websites offer a wide variety of GMAT mock tests. We have hand-picked five websites that offer well-designed and useful GMAT practice tests.

Mahesh Ramani | 02 Feb 2016 | 114 Views
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Gmat mock test

GMAT mock tests are the best way to gain enough practice before the actual test. Let us look at five websites with GMAT mock tests.

Numerous websites offer a wide variety of GMAT mock tests. We have hand-picked five websites that offer well-designed and useful GMAT mock tests.


The MBA remains strong as one of the most popular postgraduate programmes among Indian students looking to study abroad. To study an MBA from a reputed B-School, you need to have an excellent GMAT score. The GMAT is designed to filter out the finest minds that go on to study at reputed institutions. To get an excellent score in the GMAT you need to write enough GMAT mock tests that give you a clear understanding of the test structure and the type of questions that are asked! In this article we list down five websites that offer a wealth of study material and GMAT practice tests to help you score well in your GMAT.


Five Websites with Excellent GMAT Mock Tests

Official test preparation material by the people who run the GMAT. Needless to say, quite comprehensive and detailed!!!


An Indian enterprise, this website offers numerous mock tests for a wide variety of qualifying exams. Their study material and mock-tests for the GMAT are quite impressive!

Manhattanprep has been around for some time now and is renowned globally for its high-quality GMAT mock tests!

Some real good stuff here and the backing of the world famous Kaplan Educational Group!!!

If you register for the services offered by you can access a wide selection of study material, mock tests and GMAT preparatory software!


We hope you found the list of websites that we have compiled above to be useful for you to sign up for GMAT mock tests. You can keep taking mock tests, evaluate your performance and on gaining confidence write the actual GMAT.


Wishing you good luck in clearing the GMAT with a good score. If you would like to list some other websites, which offer great mock tests for the GMAT, please add the information in the ‘Comments’ section below!


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