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Kavitha Vijeyavelan
20 Jan 2015 149 1 min Share

Four important things to consider before taking the GMAT

Read the article before you take the GMAT exam and grab the important things.

20 Jan 2015 149 1 min Share
We asked Kevin Rocci, a GMAT Expert from Magoosh, a few basic questions we had about registering for the GMAT.  Here’s what he had to say: 

How Can A Student Sign Up/ Register For the GMAT? 

Kevin Rocci opens up about the registration process- he says students can choose to register for the GMAT either through online or register through a phone.  By registering, students will be assigned a testing centre somewhere close to their present location. 
He goes on to tell us that the GMAT is administered around the world in testing centres and the tests are taken online. He advises students to have booked for the test at least three months in advance to get preferable date and timings.

What is the Cost of the GMAT?

Kevin Rocci exclaims that the GMAT is an expensive standardised test and is not cheap! He tells us that the fee for the GMAT is $250. 

How Often Can A Student Take The GMAT?

He lets us know that a person can take a GMAT test every 20 days! Students can take the test only five times within a 12 month cycle. 

Can A Student Cancel or Reschedule the GMAT? 

Kevin Rocci assures us that this is absolutely possible. He informs us that cancellation of appointment can be done up to seven days prior to the test. You will get a small portion of your money back in this case- $80. 
If you are looking to change the date or time or place of the test, however, it will cost you $50- if it is seven days in advance; $ 250 if it comes to less than seven days in advance. He asks us to go on and check on for the exact fee details. 

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