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17 Mar 2015 5K 1 min Share

How Many Indian Students Go Abroad to Study?

Article discusses on on the growth trend and the reasons why Indian students are preferred by foreign countries and vice versa.

17 Mar 2015 5K 1 min Share
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Know how many Indian college students study abroad ever year? We present to you recent figures revealing steady growth of our Indian student population abroad.
This growth has been beneficial in many ways for both the countries abroad and for our students. Here is Gigeo, an IMTP education consultant  whom we recently spoke to, with some facts and stats to shed some light on this topic. 
He speaks about the recent study abroad trends, its growth rate and also about the various opportunities for students planning to study abroad. According to the statistics of Indian students abroad presented by Forbes, India in Jan 2013. there are more than 4.64 lakh students going abroad to study every year. He says that this number keeps increasing day by day. When we look at the split up, almost one lakh four thousand students chose the US, forty two thousand Indian students chose the UK, and Australia sees an average of one lakh Indian students every year. The question is- will this help us in the future and the answer-a resounding yes!
Students who go abroad have a lot of technical exposure and work experience, making them valuable in the industry.– Did you know- almost 25% of Intel Corporation and 25% of Microsoft are Indians? This proves that we have made our mark in many industries, like technology, finance, software- which wouldn't have been possible if not for those had gone to study abroad during the 80’s and 90’s. The good news is that most of them have returned to set up their own organizations, call centers and invest here in India rather than abroad, as the appreciation in India is high when compared to other countries. 
Gigeo says that unlike in the mid 80’s or 90’s, countries around the world are looking to draw in more Indian students. Singapore, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and many other countries have understood the importance and potential of Indian students and are offering scholarships ranging from 50% - 100% of the tuition fee. Gigeo concludes by saying that for people who are academically sound and have money to spend, study abroad is the right option, given the high ROI. 
Challenges are a part of everyone’s life. Let’s explore some of the common challenges faced by students looking to study abroad in the next video. 

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