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Amazing ideas to set sail every Indian student’s study abroad dream

The digital (virtual) tools/services of Hotcourses India that can pave the way to your overseas education dream and make it realistic and simpler.

Doodle Nandi | 05 Jul 2017 | 206 Views
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ideas that can make study abroad simpler

Don’t you think it’s better to look for credible sources that can give you all pertinent study abroad details, saving your time and preventing you from taking last-minute hasty decisions?

Article summary:  the digital resources that Hotcourses India has on offer, to help Indian students with their overseas education plans – ultimate search, chatbot, counselling services, IELTS test, scholarship search, SOP/LOR preparation and visa assistance. This article talks about how to use those tools and services, on our website, that can make your study abroad goal realistic and simpler. 

Imagine you want to go on a solo drive, would you prefer to first start your car and then think where you want to go? (You may if you’re like me!) Or would you prefer to plan your trip in advance and then hit the road?

Similarly, if you’re frantically looking for some guidance that can help you achieve an international education, would you prefer to settle down with whatever resources/options you have in hand or would you like to trial and test well ahead of time, with experienced people around you?

Simply put, don’t you think it’s better to look for credible sources that can give you all pertinent study abroad details, saving your time and preventing you from taking last-minute hasty decisions?

Amidst the giant social mediasphere where you encounter many such everyday guidance or advice, do you think of reconsidering your plans?

What are the amazing ideas that can make your study abroad simpler?

1. Ultimate search – for ultimate reach!

Do you often visit a university website and then hunt for courses that are on offer on its site? But the more you research, the more you get confused. Have you tried the ultimate search feature that Hotcourses India has on offer? It helps to drill down your options, giving more refined (ultimate) choices based on your academic profile. The options that the search throws to a user are based on our rich database, which is frequently updated with new list of courses, colleges and universities abroad.

How to use it?

Go to the homepage and click on the centre-aligned tab (search for courses, universities, articles and more...) and enter your preferred course or university. You’ll find a tab asking you to enter your qualification and grade. Once you enter your qualification and grade, you will get something like this

Do you see the blue circle on the above image? That indicates universities that are exact match for the search based on your academic profile.

The USPs of the ultimate search – it saves time and  gives accurate results.

2. Chatbot

A real-time, profile evaluation tool launched by Hotcourses India – the bot helps students register all details that are required for assisting them for their overseas education.  

How to use it?

Register on our website and enter the OTP that’s send to your registered mobile number

Voila! The chat window opens

Keep answering. You can select your preferences from the options given (dropdown menus). Remember if you enter wrong details in the first attempt, then it would be difficult for you to get here again. 

Finally, you need to submit your answers and enter your password. One of our counsellors will contact you once you complete the entire profile! 

The USPs of the bot – real-time guidance and quick follow-up by the counsellors.

3. Counselling services

Since we are the number one overseas education consultancy in the industry, quite certain our core job is to counsel students to help them with filing their applications and visas at various institutes abroad. Our counselling team offers both, in-person and online counselling. However, you may have to occasionally visit the counsellors for paper work besides visiting them as and when required.

4. IELTS practice test

Last year we created online Free IELTS practice test that helps IELTS test-takers to take reading and listening sample tests. The test mimics the actual IELTS format so that students can familiarise themselves and get rid of any pre-exam confusion.

5. Scholarship search

Studying abroad is a huge investment in a student’s life. Majority of students look for scholarships to study abroad. But a few of them don’t know if they can explore our scholarship search tool, they can save themselves a great deal of time.

How to use it?

Go to ‘tips and tools’ and click on ‘find scholarships’. It will throw several scholarship options for overseas study. You can enter your preferred destination and see how it works!


An SOP or LOR plays a pivotal role in your applications because a university will scrutinise not only your academic achievements but also your interests and personal qualities. An SOP/LOR is like a window to your mind that the admissions officers would like to see through.

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Don’t fret from making mistakes in the initial drafts of your essay/SOP since you need to re-draft it several times till you get the perfect version that’s fit to be forwarded to the universities.

7. Visa assistance

Want to see a few sample student visa questions? Or do you want to attend mock visa interviews? Our visa experts will walk you through all the doubts that are running through your mind right now.

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We have seen the power of digital knowledge – how it has been controlling our everyday lives and dictating our each step. Hope you find the above digital sources useful and resourceful and pass on the information to people who you know can benefit from them. Do let us know if you have already used any of the above tools or services. 

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Jyoti Sharma Jyoti Sharma,
Study abroad expert.
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