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Kavitha Vijeyavelan
14 Aug 2015 3.7K 3 mins Share

Jaw-Dropping 2014-Statistics of Indian students Abroad That You MUST Know!

The 2014-statistics of Indian students abroad-out now! Fluctuating student numbers interestingly reveal where students have been flocking to off-late and why.

14 Aug 2015 3.7K 3 mins Share

Want the Full Scoop?

The Indian student mobility makes its way back in the news time and again with its endless series of ups and downs like the tides of an ocean.  And it really gets you thinking, “Do I really know all there is to know about current student trends? Has the percentage of Indian students studying abroadspiked up this year? What key factors should I be aware of?”  

Here we come with a few student number-stats for some popular Indian study destinations- to answer some of those questions you have…

From 29 states to 50- India to the USA!

After a long and rather steady three-year decline,the USA looks promising once again to our students and has seen a 6.1% surge in its 2014-enrolment. Furthermore, the latest *Open Doors Survey (Nov 2014) points out a very strong Indian presence in American campuses over the past academic year; as per its data, our country contributes a whopping $3.3 billion (AHEM!) to the U.S. economy! The year 2014 saw the USA surpassing the usual Indian student intake of 100,000 and reaching up to 102,673.

Our postgrad students will be increasingly heading off to the US of A stats suggest. In fact- there was seen to be a 25 percentage increase of Indian students for the year 2014 compared to that of the previous year (as per The U.S. Council of Graduate Schools). Other countries haven’t even come close to comparison- with a tiny 9% increase for the year.

So it really comes as no surprise that India is the second biggest contributor to USA’s international student numbers, huh?

*In case you were wondering… The Open Doors Survey is an annual survey that draws on data collected from nearly 3,000 American universities and colleges.

Big Hop to the Land Down Under!

Australia seems to have made a smashingly big come-back as well -with a 20% increase in Indian-student enrolment in 2014- compared to the year 2013. By Sep 2014, Aus was to seen to have had an enrollment of over 50,000 Indian students. Fascinatingly enough- of this number- half (25,000!!! EEP!!) were looking to enroll in the state of Victoria alone-according to Annie Santhana, the Director of the Victorian Government Business Office (down in Bangalore). Annie predicts, in reference to various international agencies’ forecasts, that there will be a regular 25-30% hike in student numbers every year. She reveals that most higher education enrolments were produced by students from Indian metros but stats suggest increase in number  from tier 2 and tier 3 cities as well – like Coimbatore, Madurai, Trichy, & Chandigarh to name a few.

Fancy Some Fish ‘n’ Chips?

The UK, on the other hand, faces sharp drops owing to recent changes in visa regulations- as you may have heard.  The UK’s Higher Education Statistics Agency has found a 12% drop in Indian student numbers for the year 2013-14 as in comparison with the previous academic year.  We have plummeted all the way from 22,385 down to 17,750 just in one year with our UK Indian student enrolments! (Tsk! Tsk!)

Asian countries may be eating into the UK’s pie- experts suggest.  The reason being- middle class study abroad aspirants find universities from Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and Hong Kong more affordable and closer to home.

A Roaring Victory for the Merlion!

Singapore has more than 87,000 international students enrolled in its government and private education institutions. Recent findings suggest that the Indian student percentage is expected to rise 20% on an annual basis. This country-island has 3,000 Indian students religiously enrolling every year. It competes fiercely with the US and the UK with its alluring combination of high standard of living, diverse student population, and highly ranking universities. And another factor that we’re sure that Indian students find hard to resist is – for a country that is just around 862 sq. kms in size- there happen to be employment opportunities literally in every nook and corner with over 7,000 MNCs! That quite explains it all doesn’t it? We thought so!

Well-this, in a nutshell, is where the Indian student masses have been busy studying this past academic year. Where are you likely to head?

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