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Mahesh Ramani
19 May 2016 765 3 mins Share

Reactions of Indian Parents when their children want to study abroad

One of the biggest deterrents that Indian parents cite when refusing to send their children abroad for education is the high cost involved.

19 May 2016 765 3 mins Share
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Studying abroad is now easier than what it was - say 15 years ago. Banks are ready to fund students with a good academic score. Plus the number of scholarships being offered by competing universities to top-ranked students is a positive trend. This article is a humorous take on some of the excuses that parents of Indian students offer to dissuade them from going abroad for higher studies.

Do you think I run a bank here to spend so much????

Studying abroad is expensive; consider it as an investment for a secure future. Plus if you are an academic achiever there are lots of scholarships on offer.

Studying Abroad and you? Don’t joke?

Most parents don’t take their children seriously till they grow into adulthood. This sheltered way of parenting should change, parents should allow their children to speak freely, understand their interests and let them pick a course that they enjoy studying.

Why can’t you study in India – what’s wrong with the colleges here?

The quality of education is at a different level abroad. Despite having one of the largest number of colleges and universities in the world, a handful of them make it to the world’s top 500 or top 1000 list. An education abroad, at a leading university, guarantees a good career with a decent salary.

Why? What did we do? Who will take care of us??

A number of parents resort to emotional blackmail this again hampers the progress of the young student. There might be some genuine cases as well and it is a tough choice to make. We know of many brilliant minds, who have resigned to a mediocre life, turning down chances to go abroad and are taking care of their aged parents.

Do you really think you will survive alone?

It might seem a daunting task to land in a whole new country and start life afresh. Trust us, it is a fascinating, challenging and life-changing experience that will hold you in good stead and improve your decision-making skills.

You will start doing drugs like they show in the TV serials!!

Substance abuse happens everywhere! Strict laws exist in all countries. Be careful, better safe than sorry. Drugs destroy you; all the glamour and glitz of drugs boosting creativity is hogwash. Your mind and your body is your temple, do not destroy it with drugs.

You will marry a foreigner and never return to India!

You never know, love can happen anywhere, anytime! But do remember to take care of your parents!

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