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study abroad consultancies should be chosen wisely
Roshna Mohan

Roshna Mohan is a Content Writer at Hotcourses India - an IDP company. A post-graduate in Biotechnology, she chose content writing as her career out of sheer interest. Reading and cooking are her stress-busters. Talk about these to take the introvert out of the ambivert. Her all-time favourite authors are Paulo Coelho, Yuval Noah Harari and Robin Cook.


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Study abroad consultancies to your rescue

Choosing the right study abroad consultancy will take the burden off your shoulders. Read more to learn how a consultancy can help you and how to choose the right one.

11 Sep 2020 367 Book icon 6 mins Share
study abroad consultancies should be chosen wisely

Why do you need a study abroad consultancy? Well, deciding to study abroad is not an easy choice to make. From convincing your parents, to getting the budget in place, the decision is a challenge in itself. On top of it would be limited information about higher education opportunities abroad and the steps involved in making it to overseas for your studies. The range of possibilities to be explored can wear you down.

You can do your own research, but it might take days or even months. Even then, how sure would you be of your decision? Some professional advice would definitely ease your stress. This is why we have study abroad consultancies who can give you the much-needed confidence in going forward with your decision. Once you register with a credible consultancy, you can relax knowing that you are in safe hands.

6 benefits of signing up with a study-abroad consultancy

Shouldn’t it be possible to simply do a Google search and find the right university? Wouldn’t visa procedure information be available online? A quick image search would provide countless numbers of statement of purpose and letter of recommendation samples. There is also ample information about IELTS training and test centres to advise on how to get a good score in order to apply to universities abroad. When in doubt, your family and friends should be able to help and guide you right? Why counsellors then?

  1. They will guide you, help you throughout the journey right from selecting the right course or university to finding accommodation in the destination country. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a knowledgeable person by your side to help you through the entire process?
  2. You could share the load of the groundwork that is involved in the entire process. That means you can escape from hours and hours of online searches for guidance and tips.
  3. What’s more, you won’t have to be sceptical at every stage of decision making, because you know that  a consultant has successfully sent hundreds or even thousands of students abroad, and they know what they are doing.
  4. You will be free to focus on things that need your attention. For example, getting the perfect IELTS score or getting your qualification documents in order.
  5. The consultants would also have inside information as they are liaising directly with the universities. This can greatly improve the visibility of your application.
  6. The counsellors would know exactly what the requirements and admission procedures are.

In short, study abroad consultants know the nuance of it, they have the time set aside for it, it is their job to help you. It’s always helpful to have a knowledgeable person just a phone call away to settle your doubts and to reassure you.

What are the problems involved in signing up with the wrong consultancy?

There is a chance of messing up your study abroad journey, just by choosing the wrong consultancy. Some of the problems could be:

  • Some consultancies might have multiple business interests running alongside study abroad consultancy services. Since they have several areas to focus on, their knowledge about universities and courses could be limited. This, in turn, means that they will not be able to guide you correctly and help you make informed choices.
  • The process might be tedious if they do not have the patience to hear you out and understand your preferences. They should ask the right questions for you to effectively convey what you are looking for.
  • They will simply thrust their partner universities’ courses on you without understanding your interests and priorities.
  • You might end up not knowing about the range of opportunities out there and be enrolled in a course or university that you are not happy with.
  • The whole process of getting to a university abroad demands a lot of time and effort. So you don’t necessarily have the liberty of making mistakes. Not to mention, a lot of money is involved, and you cannot risk losing that. You have to be confident in the choice you’re making as it could decide your future.

What are the services offered by a good study abroad consultancy?

Study abroad consultants can give professional advice

A reputable consultancy will receive hundreds of calls per day for enquiries. It will include students who are at the beginning of their study abroad journey or who are actively making their way through the process. It can also include students who have successfully found their place at a university of their choice and are looking for accommodation options.

1. They can help you and guide you with anything apart from the personal aspects that you have to take care of yourself.

2. In the initial call, the consultant will ask you questions to understand your interests, preferences and educational qualifications. You might not know how to proceed if you have backlogs. However, your counsellor will be in a better position to suggest the best way forward.

3. In further calls, they will help you:

  • shortlist universities and find the right course after a thorough analysis of your profile
  • prepare for the English language proficiency tests
  • get the statement of purpose and letter of recommendation ready
  • get the documents in order and apply to the university on your behalf
  • apply for a visa
  • and finally, get ready for the big move.

4. They will also try to understand your financial situation and tell you about the sources               that can help you.

5. A reputable consultancy will have tie-ups with a large number of universities in different            destinations. Your application will have better visibility if it is sent through a consultancy            that the university is aware of or partnering with.

Overseas education counsellors can ensure that you don’t go wrong along the way. Nothing can match the professional guidance they can offer.

How to identify a good study abroad consultancy

There are several factors that you should be looking for, while deciding the right consultancy.

1. The credentials of the consultancy

It is essential to ensure that the consultancy is genuine, and it is not a scam to take your money. You can look for the following before deciding which consultancy to reach out to.

  • Go for a consultancy that is established and experienced. You can visit their website for details. However, there is no harm in physically visiting the office.
  • Their number of years of experience is an indication of their success.
  • The number of students successfully sent abroad by them is a good benchmark for credibility and efficiency.
  • The number and quality of the institutions abroad with whom they are associated with is obviously an indication of their reach.
  • A good way to learn about the efficiency of the consultancy is through student testimonials. You can rely on social media sites and google reviews to learn about the consultancy.

2. Look for details about the consultants

The profile of the consultants’ matter as they are the ones on whom you rely, and trust with your future. It is not really about their educational qualification, but matters such as:

  • Their years of experience in the industry which is an indication of their reliable expertise.
  • The number of students they have sent abroad denotes their success rate.
  • Any other factor which adds value to their job – for example, some study abroad consultants would have been overseas students themselves. Established counsellors would have attended counsellor workshops organised by the universities and this adds much value to the counsellor’s profile.

A trustworthy consultancy will not shy away from boasting about the qualifications and experience of their consultants. So check out the company website or enquire about this when you visit the office.

How to prepare before you contact a consultancy?

By now, you are equipped to differentiate between a genuine consultancy and a sham. You also know how much easier it would be, receiving free professional guidance throughout the process of enrolling in a university abroad. In this section, we will tell you what some of the aspects are that you can focus on so that the process is quicker and easier. Here are the ways you can prepare before contacting a consultancy.

1.Note down your preferences, identify your priorities

If you haven’t decided on the university, course or destination country, you can let them know your preferences apart from your qualifications, so that they can find the right course and university for you.

You might have priorities other than just academic interests. You might want to study in an urban setting, or you might prefer a more calm and peaceful countryside. Your counsellor will be able to suggest a good university in your preferred destination country.

You might be looking to complete your studies and come back to your country with improved skills and qualifications or you might be wanting to settle in the destination country. A country’s post-study work visa regulations and immigration rules will influence these choices. A counsellor will be aware of these factors. So, ensure that you convey these to the counsellors so that they will take these into consideration while shortlisting the university.

2.Work towards English language proficiency tests

The destinations most preferred by Indian students all require proof of English language proficiency. So as soon as you decide on studying abroad, you should start working towards passing your IELTS test or other similar tests that would quicken the process.

3.Start organising your documents

Your educational qualification documents, CV, SOP and LOR are necessary for applying to universities abroad. You can start thinking of the points to include in your statement of purpose and whom to contact for your letter of recommendation.

Studying abroad definitely has its perks. It improves your global outlook, it can get you better pay packages back home, you have the option to explore a new country, its culture and people, through your interactions with students from different countries, you get the opportunity to build better connections. The list goes on. A study abroad consultant can help you achieve this with the right guidance, all the while making sure that you are happy with your choice of course, university and destination.

IDP consultants can vouch for the unbiased guidance they offer, taking into consideration your qualifications, interests and aspirations. Contact them for a seamless experience of planning and executing your journey to your dream destination and start writing your success story.

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