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Best jobs for MBA graduates

From accounting and finance to technology and marketing, we explore which jobs are best suited to MBA graduates.

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Want to work in business? See yourself starting your own company one day? Getting a master’s in business administration (MBA) can help you turn this dream into a reality. We know that MBAs are a popular choice for the high earning potential, flexibility, and opportunities to develop on a professional level. But what exactly does an MBA qualify you for? Whether you have just finished your MBA or you’re thinking of applying for the course, check out these top jobs for MBA graduates to see where it could take you.


1. Accounting

While you don’t necessarily need an MBA to become an accountant, the commercial awareness gained through an MBA is only going to benefit your career. Compared to a Master of Accounting, an MBA will equip you with a broad knowledge of the financial and business sectors. If you want to become the CFO or CEO of an accounting firm, you should seriously consider getting an MBA. If you know you want to become an accountant, you may want to specialise with an MBA in accounting.


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2. Financial advisor


Many financial firms seek MBA graduates for their unique and specialised skillsets. Plus, having an MBA could make it easier to move into a management role. However, if you want to work for yourself, you could become an independent financial adviser with your own set of clients. Having an MBA will look impressive to both employers and potential customers, giving you more credibility. In fact, some firms may look for MBA graduates specifically, particularly at the management level.


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3. Operations manager


Also known as a COO (Chief Operations Officer), business operation managers have many responsibilities such as managing budgets, hiring people, overseeing marketing activities, analysing business processes, making strategic decisions and so on. Although you can become a COO with only a bachelor’s degree, an MBA will look impressive to employers and is likely to set you apart from other candidates.


4. Management consultant


If you are a natural problem-solver and think you could be good at improving the way a business operates, you might want to consider management consultancy for your career. This work seeks to improve businesses, planning for the future, increasing revenue and boosting employee productivity.


Management consultants tend to work across multiple projects at one time which may be preferable if you like variety. You may also choose to specialise and work with businesses in a particular industry such as health, finance, education and so on. As management is a major component of this role, having an MBA will help you attract clients and gain the right knowledge, skills, and approach that you need to succeed in this profession.


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5. Product manager

Product managers work with multiple teams such as marketing, finance, sales, user experience, and development to create products that align with the company’s overall objectives. This role will also require a thorough understanding of businesses and market trends.


As a product manager you will perform user testing, collecting data about your customers to find out what features would best appeal to your target audience. Many product managers also have experience in technology, business, marketing, and data analysis. This makes an MBA highly relevant for this field and could help you to land a role as a product manager.


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6. Entrepreneur


If you want to start your own business, or several businesses for that matter, you may want to consider getting an MBA. We’ve all heard about self-made millionaires, but this isn’t necessarily the most reliable route into entrepreneurship.


Instead, studying an MBA will teach you how businesses function which can in turn help you when it comes to starting your own. Having an MBA could also benefit you when it comes to hiring your own staff as your employees need to trust that you are capable.  


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7. Investment banking


Having an MBA would definitely make you stand out from the crowd when applying for investment banking positions. This is because you will have developed an entrepreneurial mindset and skills in leadership, problem-solving, analytics, critical thinking and networking which are all valuable within investment banking.


You may be particularly attracted to the salary that comes with being an investment banker which can reach up to GBP 150,000 per year with experience (Gradate Prospects 2021). Investment bankers are also known for receiving large bonuses on top of their base salary.


8. IT manager


Interested in information technology and business? Why not combine them? If you choose to pursue an MBA, you will gain many useful skills that would be relevant for the role of an IT manager. For example, you may be asked to manage a team of people which requires certain skills such as leadership, project management and communication skills. You may also need to complete IT modules during your course or gain some work experience within IT and computing.  


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