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'What are the most popular areas of an MBA course?' [VIDEO]

Find out which are the most popular areas of an MBA course

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Learn which study courses are the most popular amongst MBA students in America. We spoke to Roberta Brooke, the Director of MBA at Eastern Washington University, about the most popular courses of study within the university’s MBA programme. 

Watch the video below from our Google Hangout with Eastern Washington University (there’s also a quick summary after the video).

  • Like a challenge? –Find out how student’s choices are affected by a subject’s degree of difficulty
  • Teaching styles—Find out which teaching styles are most popular amongst students
  • Real-world skills—Learn what kind of subjects students feel best prepare them for the ‘real world’


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Watch more clips from our Hangout with Roberta Brooke:

'What career paths have MBA graduates gone on to?'

‘What types of students will you study with in an MBA course in America?’

'What career paths have MBA graduates gone on to?'

‘What admissions tests do you take to study an MBA in America?’

‘Who teaches an MBA course in America?’

‘How can the other students in your MBA course help you?’


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