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The basics
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Studying an MBA: The essentials

Find out what you can expect from an MBA course...

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Are you thinking of pursuing a Master of Business Administration (MBA) at university? Here we explore several factors to consider when researching MBA courses, with interviews from two directors of the MBA at different institutions.



An MBA is a highly esteemed qualification which can open many doors within a wide range of industries. This is one reason why MBAs are such a popular choice among postgraduate students looking to boost their knowledge and skillset.


Besides this, an MBA tends to increase your salary expectations, helping to broaden your business networks and career prospects. In fact, 42 CEO's of the Fortune top 100 companies have an MBA. So with that in mind, you can see that in some cases, an MBA is an extremely beneficial accolade if that's the direction you wish to follow.


Most popular areas of an MBA

We spoke to the Director of MBA at a university in Washington about the most popular courses of study within this department. Read on to find out which courses are the most popular among MBA students in America.


  • Like a challenge? –Find out how student’s choices are affected by a subject’s degree of difficulty
  • Teaching styles—Find out which teaching styles are most popular amongst students
  • Real-world skills—Learn what kind of subjects students feel best prepare them for the ‘real world’

Types of MBA students

Find out what kinds of students might study an MBA programme in America. We spoke to Roberta Brooke, the Director of MBA at Eastern Washington University, about the different types of students that complete the university’s MBA programme.


  • Background—Find out about the different backgrounds of MBA students studying in America
  • Different programmes—Find out about the types of students that typically complete different MBA programmes
  • How old?—Learn about the kinds of working professionals that complete different MBA programmes, and how this affects the learning environment



Types of MBA professors

We also spoke to Roberta Brooke about the types of professors who teach the MBA. 


  • Background—Find out about the varied professional backgrounds of MBA professors
  • Shared Experience—Learn how professors and staff use their different experiences to enhance student’s learning experiences
  • Staff—Learn which walks of life MBA staff come from, and what they bring to their management of the programme



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