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THE USA: Applying to University

Writing the perfect university application

Applying to study abroad can feel confusing and a little scary at times. We're here to make it all a little easier. We've got some insights, tips and advice on what to consider when you're looking to write the perfect university application.

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One of the most essential aspects of getting your study abroad journey off to the best possible start is writing a strong and standout application.This can be challenging, especially when applying to study in a destination that may not be familiar to you. We're here to help with some tips and information on how to approach the process and compile a well-written application that'll greatly increase the probability of being accepeted. We've chatted to students and admissions officers for their top tips.











Don't forget that other tips and guides are also available to help you explore your study abroad aspirations, including exploring how to write your personal statement, online applications, what questions to ask and inside information from admissions officers at universities. Don't miss out. 

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Top tips on how to apply to universities in the USA

The application system for universities in America is unique in a number of ways, and can be quite hard to grasp. But don’t worry, we’ve spoken to international students and professionals from within the industry, to give you all the information you need. After reading this, you’ll know everything about how to put together the best application to universities, so that you can make your dream of a study abroad adventure in America finally come true!  


Admissions in America w/ University of Hartford

Can you give the “perfect timeline” for an international student thinking of applying to the US? 'When I’m speaking with students I recommend that they begin 10-15 months prior to when they actually want to start their university programme.  That might sound like a long time but when we speak to students on arrival we ask them how they did their research, the students who feel most confident began in their final year of high school/secondary school or even