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California is known for its beaches, glamour and festivity of Hollywood and Disney Land. It is one of the most famous destinations among tourist in the US because of countless attractions in the region.

California is one of the fifty states in the USA which is located by the West Coast. Most of the areas enjoy a Mediterranean climate with hot summers and rainy winters. The weather is supplemented by the lush beaches on the coasts and the outdoor activities people can indulge in. Being the hub of business and a welcoming weather, it is no surprise that California is among the most populated states in the USA. Some of the cities located in California include Sacramento, San Diego, Los Angeles and Berkeley.

California has also proven itself as a leading study destination that welcomes thousands of students from all over the world each year. Some of the leading institutes in California include Stanford University, University of California, University of San Diego, California Institute of Technology and many more. The location is a highly anticipated one, by millions of people for numerous reasons including business, work, study and leisure, and California really does justice to them all. It is worth mentioning that the living and university tuition fees are likely to be higher in California than most other parts of the USA, but there are a wide range of scholarships and bursaries to help fund your study experience and you can also benefit from working part-time during the degree.

Studying in California means you will have plenty of opportunities to learn about the world’s biggest production of business and media. Students of business, media, engineering and arts might also find it useful to seek opportunities to work for a placement or internship at the production houses, giving them the experience of a life time, professionally and otherwise. California also contributes to the economy with its agriculture, aerospace and manufacturing sectors, enhancing the opportunities available to students for both work experiences and work after study.

Having such huge engines and power houses for media, business, agriculture etc it is obvious that the universities in the region work hard to satisfy the needs of professionals required to run the sectors of work located in the region. This means that the universities invest in producing graduates that are able to thrive and excel in the job market in which the competition is tough. This should assure you that studying at a university in California you will have access to world class facilities for career development, IT, teaching and learning resources.

California is a land that truly has it all, catering for everyone’s interest and giving students the opportunity to meet talented, passionate and inspirational people from across the globe encouraging them to reach for higher goals both academically and professionally. That’s not all, while you might a lot of inspiration around you, the university education will equip you with the right skills pursue your ambitions.


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