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Electronic Publishing - Career options and courses to study

The eligibility for joining an under graduation program or diploma program in e-publishing is successful completion of higher secondary school from a recognized board

| 06 Jul 2012 | Updated on 17 Aug 2015 | 969 Views
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The demand for e-books was limited, but this field has exploded recently. There are now e-books sold in every genre across many online stores. An e-publisher is responsible for the quality of e-books

We are on the move 24/7 and anything that restricts that movement is seen as a hindrance in today’s world. E-books or e-readers help people to stay in touch with their reading material irrespective of where you are. You can be travelling by a bus or a car and your e-book can accompany you with all the content in digitalized form. If you have the creative instinct of a writer and have dreamt of publishing your work then it is time to look out for an e-publisher or you, yourself can become the e-publisher as it is one of the hottest career options as the world is going the digital way.

Initially the audience for e-books was limited but off late this field is exploding as there are e-books in every genre right from science to non-fiction. An e-publisher should make sure that the content is well edited and has a cover with the right look as it will need to have a professional and clean look in order to attract and keep the e-readers hooked.

Work environment

An e-publisher should have good computer skills that can be obtained through various Computer Science courses and if the publisher knows a foreign language it is an added advantage. An eye for detail is mandatory and good analytical skills will come in handy. The job revolves around digital content so a good knowledge of HTML and a bit of graphic designing along with ease in MS Office will take you a long way. An e-publisher can work as a free-lancer or work with a publishing house.

What to study

Publishing courses are conducted by several colleges and universities both in India and abroad. The City University London offers a master’s course in e-publishing which is one of the best in the world and is the best recognized course. The eligibility for joining an under graduation program or diploma program in e-publishing is successful completion of higher secondary school from a recognized board. You can be a graduate from any field in order to apply for the master’s program.

Career options

Private sectors and government run houses offer job opportunities for e-publishers. The starting salary can range from Rs 15,000 to Rs20,000 and can go up to Rs 1 Lakh with experience.

Entry Level

Freshers can start their career as interns in a publishing house or can work as an editor or assistant editor till they get the hang of the industry. Freelancers have not become very popular but are definitely on the rise.

So if you love technology and are ready to interact with the computer for long hours then e-publishing is a career option which you can turn to.

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