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20 Jul 2015 125 2 mins Share

Expert view: What to do with a degree in film studies

Expert advice on Film Studies Dr Mattias Frey who teaches BA Film Studies at University of Kent

20 Jul 2015 125 2 mins Share
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This is an interview by DrMattias Frey, at University of Kent. He discusses about Film Studies, the passion, creativity, the fees and scholarships and much more….

Want to have an "expert view" on Film Studies? Read on... Dr Mattias Frey who teaches BA Film Studies at University of Kent discusses below the popularity of the subject among students, career options and funding opportunities.
Q. What course do you teach?

A. Film. This includes the BA Film Studies (roughly 50% practical filmmaking and 50% theory and history of film), which can also be combined with another subject if you wish. There’s also an MA and PhD in Film Studies. For the MA you have the option of spending the whole year in Canterbury or spending half the year in Canterbury and the other half in Paris (all courses in English).

Q. What are the main objectives of this course?

A. Our courses acquaint students with the history and theory of moving images and teach them how to analyse them. If you do the BA, you can also learn how to make films.

Q. Is this a popular course amongst Indian students?

A. Yes. We always attract many students from India because of our esteemed reputation and excellent location in beautiful Canterbury, the UK’s safest university city and conveniently located between London and the European Continent.

Q. What qualities do you think students need in order to succeed on this course?

A. We accept students without portfolios because we believe passion, creativity, curiosity, writing skills and critical thinking are the most important factors for success on the course.

Q. What advice would you give to Indian students who are applying to enroll?

A. Let us know your personality through the personal statement.

Q.What career options are open to Indian graduates from this course?

A. The course prepares students for a wide range of career paths. Our graduates go on to exciting jobs in the film and creative industries, DVD or cinema programming, journalism, arts organisations, marketing and sales, teaching at universities or schools or work in business or government.

Q. Are there any companies that have recruited students who have completed this course?  

A. Our students have gone on to write and make films, work at film festivals, write for major publications and work for major companies such as BSkyB.

Q. How does the course prepare students for the professional world and/or further study?

A. Employability training is built into the course, both in the individual modules and in training sessions held within the School and across the University.

Q. Are there any funding opportunities available for Indian students who are applying to enroll?

A. The University of Kent offers generous scholarships for high-achieving Indian students, for example a £5000 bursary for postgraduate students; in addition the School of Arts offers further opportunities for funding. Visit our scholarship page for further details.

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