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Antony Chacko
18 Aug 2015 807 1 min Share

Study Criminology Abroad

Criminology is a good option to study and you could find the better place to learn it from. Check out the universities and colleges where you can study the course.

18 Aug 2015 807 1 min Share
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Are you someone who grew up reading Sherlock Holmes, Perry Mason and Agatha Christie, have a keen attention to detail and have a UG degree in sociology, psychology or legal sciences? If yes, then a master’s degree in criminology is just the thing for you.  

But before you dive headlong into the process of applying to colleges, here’s a quick glance at criminology as a profession and the career pathways available to you.

What is criminology all about?

Criminology is a science which involves the study of crime, criminals and their behaviour, and corrections. It also involves society’s response to crime and the prevention of crime; examination of evidence, rehabilitation and study of the different style of punishments.

What does a criminologist do?

As a criminologist your responsibilities would include:

  1. the study and analysis of various social crimes
  2. criminal psychology
  3. explore crime prevention methods and systems to control social crimes
  4. study effective rehabilitation methods for punished criminals
  5. crime scene investigations
  6. Analysis of the larger criminal justice system and its processes.
  7. Attend autopsies seeking evidence and information to analyze the crime.

Where can you study?

U.S. is home to some of the top criminology and crime scene investigation schools.

University of Maryland, Iowa State University, Arizona State University, University of Florida, and the University of Pennsylvania are a few of the institutions which offer postgraduate programmes in criminology and criminal justice.

What does the course teach you?

The course aims to prepare you for research, teaching, and professional employment in operational agencies in the field of criminal justice.

There are many areas of specialisation within the discipline or criminology. Some of these are:

  1. Victimology
  2. Abnormal psychology
  3. Corporate law
  4. Juvenile justice
  5. Crime prevention methodology
  6. Crime investigation
  7. Youth counselling
  8. Banks and financial institutions

Course pre-requisites

To apply for a master’s programme in criminology, you need a UG degree in subjects such as sociology, psychology, legal sciences, or forensic sciences. You also need to be proficient in computer and internet use to aid in related research.

Career opportunities

Graduates in criminology can find employment opportunities in universities and colleges as lecturers; as criminal lawyers in courts; work with legal firms, private security and investigative agencies; and police departments. For more study options, visit for blog section.

You can also work as a consultant to help agencies to develop advanced methodologies for investigation such as polygraph tests, brain mapping and finger printing technology.

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