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Andrew Jackson
20 Jul 2015 579 2 mins Share

Six must-know facts for Indian students looking to study law in the USA

Explore the 6 Important Facts for International Students Who are Looking to Study Law in USA

20 Jul 2015 579 2 mins Share
Andrew Jackson
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Research shows that when it comes to higher studies, millions of students prefer the American educational system. The inspiring US educational system is not only admired by native students, but millions of international students also crave for it. Specially, the constructive law courses in America are very much admired by international students.

In order to get admission in a law course in America, an international student must follow the proper method step by step, and must keep 6 important facts in mind to complete the admission process successfully. 
Here is the list consisting of the 6 essential facts:

1. The Difference in Procedures:

The admission procedures of American law schools are fairly easier. In fact, the procedure is almost the same for domestic and international students. Only some basic differences are there regarding student visa formalities and other educational transcript-related paperwork.

2. Essential Documents:

An international student needs to submit a few more important documents along with the application form. The documents are statements regarding personal information, essential transcripts from previous undergraduate or graduate course and letters of recommendation. Another important formality for an international student is the application for student visa. An international student must acquire either an F1 or J1 student visa to study in America.

3. Proper Selection of Course:

There are 2 types of programs for law courses in America - J.D. and LL.M. programs. The J.D. or the Juris Doctor program is the professional degree for graduation in law. The duration is 3 years for a full time course and 4 years for a part-time course. The LL.M. or the Masters of Law degree is the post graduation degree. This degree is for students who have already completed their graduation in law. Students must choose according to their requirements.

4. Right Time for Application:

Waiting for the application deadline may not be a good idea. It’s better to apply early because most of the law schools in America follow a rolling admission process. If the applicant completes the application process early, then the review of the application will also be done swiftly. This increases the chance of admission of the applicant.

5. TOEFL Requirement:

The TOEFL or Test of English as a Foreign Language is required for students whose first language isn’t English and didn’t receive their previous education in the English language. All law schools don’t require TOEFL for international students. It’s better to check well whether any law school requires TOEFL or not. Many law schools have a minimum requirement of TOEFL score. It’s important to know the basic score requirement too.

6. The Fund Factors:

Law courses in America can be expensive. Federal loans are available only for U.S. citizens and permanent inhabitants. So quite obviously, international students have to depend on private loans. Instead of depending on private loans, students must start planning for their educational expenses as early as possible. 
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An international student must keep these 6 important facts in mind while applying for a law course in America. This will make the admission process smoother for them.
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