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Education in Singapore & Opportunities for International Students

Which island country is your closest international study destination & feels like a home away from home? Why-Singapura of course…

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Singapore offers a safe and conducive environment for students to study in. You can choose from a wide range of accommodation that includes hostels, home-stays and rental apartments.

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The education sector has undergone massive changes over the past few years, particularly in the international front. It is due to globalization in the education sector that several countries including Europe and Africa have opened up for international students. Singapore is not far behind in offering innumerable education opportunities to foreign students. The Asian continent is one of the most preferred destinations for international students in terms of higher education.

Foreign Students Feel Right at Home while Studying in Singapore 

International students seeking education opportunities in Singapore can be sure of receiving not only academic excellence, but good education as well. Most educational institutions in Singapore offer foreign students the needed support so that they feel right at home. This is one of the major reasons why the Asian continent qualifies as being a home away from home for international students.

Parents sending their children to study in Singapore have to take a tough decision in picking a particular overseas education. Accommodation is yet another difficult decision that parents need to take when sending children to study in Singapore. Apart from the financial costs involved, foreign students have to bear costs related to their stay at the time of study. 
Singapore offers a safe and conducive environment for students to study and ensures that they have a comfortable stay. From boardinghouses, home stays to rented accommodation, international students coming here to study can choose accommodation according to their budget, length of stay and personal circumstances. 
If you choose to rent a Housing Development Board (HDB) flat, you will need to shell out approximately S$250 (room only) to $1,000 (whole flat) per month. Similarly hostel accommodation will cost you S$140 to S$440 per student per month depending on the number of students sharing the room. Homestays can cost anything between SGD $1,000 to SGD $1,600.

Institutions Offer Counselling, Orientation Programs

Foreign students coming here for seeking admission to colleges receive counseling. Apart from this, international students get accommodation at reasonable rates and educational institutions take up orientation programs to advice students on the education system. Seeking admission in Singapore’s educational institutions means that you will be embarking on an educational journey that includes receiving universal knowledge along with an understanding of Asian insights. 

Educational Institutions offer a Conducive Learning Environment

Students coming to Singapore from various countries get engrossed in innumerable educational offerings. Educational institutions in Singapore offer a conducive learning environment to students. Foreign students desirous to pursue education in Singapore will enjoy access to world-class technology and library services. They will also be given an opportunity to take part in different co-curricular activities. With all these education opportunities, there is no reason why you will not want to pursue education in this Asian continent.

Affordable Tuition Fees, Low Cost of Living

One of the benefits that most foreign students enjoy while educating in Singapore is that tuition fees in the Asian continent are affordable. Besides, the country’s cost of living is lower in comparison to other developed countries like UK and USA.  After studying for the entire day, when you need a break from your mundane routine, several educational institutions offer foreign students entertainment options like sports and take you to myriad fascinating sights.
Cost of living in a particular country matters a lot. This is because living in a country having relatively low cost of living offers you immense benefits. You will have to spend minimal on transportation, housing and other things. Rent per month for a single one bedroom apartment in city centre costs approximately SGD $3,300.00.
Tuition fees in Singapore vary for every educational institution. International students must be prepared to shell out anything between SGD $ 6,500-7,500. International students planning to pursue post graduate programs from Singapore must be prepared to pay anything between SGD $ 7,500 - 8,500.

Immense Importance Given to Pursuing Talents

Most educational institutions in Singapore excel in teaching languages such as English and Chinese, which are considered important by students of Chinese descent in Indonesia. Besides languages Singapore universities offer teaching mathematics and sciences to students. Apart from giving importance to academics, most institutions give great value to co-curriculum activities, which help students in building leadership qualities. Educational institutions ensure that students are able to pursue their talents in music, arts and sports.
Let us have a look at some of the most renowned universities offering the best education in Singapore.
•The Nanyang Technological University received a 5- star rating as per the QS Stars rating system in July 2011. Some of the factors considered prior to giving the rating are teaching, innovation, internationalism and infrastructure. Offering education in healthcare, media and other fields, the NTU is Singapore’s top-rated universities.
•If you possess leadership qualities and strive to achieve excellence in the academic as well as professional front, then the National University of Singapore is the best option for you. Offering MBA and other degrees to foreign students, this educational institution offers managerial experience to international students so that they are well prepared to lead a corporate life.
Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) is yet another renowned university in the Asian continent offering specialized degree programs to foreign students. You can pursue engineering and Applied Sciences from this university. If you are keen on a career in Health Sciences, Design, Interactive Digital Media and Hospitality then you can apply to SIT.
Besides these universities, Singapore also has various polytechnics that offer diploma programs in various subjects. Singapore is becoming a hub for foreign students, who come to this Asian continent to pursue their education. Students who excel in academics are offered scholarships. 
Numerous study programs are taught in English in Singapore universities. English being the medium of instruction in most colleges proves advantageous for international students, as it helps them prepare well for job opportunities in future. After receiving education in Singapore, foreign students look out for lucrative employment opportunities.
It has become mandatory for international students to take up employment opportunities in Singapore for a period of three years after they complete their course. For this international students are required to sign a bond, which guarantees their employment in Singapore for the expected period.
Singapore Employment Pass is required by an entrepreneur or executive eager to take up employment opportunities in Singapore. Foreign professionals keen on job opportunities in Singapore must apply for Employment visa in Singapore. However, prior to applying for this kind of visa, you need to notify the company in which you will be taking up employment about your desire to live and work in Singapore.
Come to Singapore and explore the various education and job opportunities.
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