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Top Universities to study in Australia
Kavitha Vijeyavelan

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Top Five Universities to Study in Australia

A look at the top five universities to study in Australia according to the 2019 Times Higher Education World University Rankings

22 Nov 2018 850 Book icon 3 mins Share
Top Universities to study in Australia

G’day mate! You- yes you- we see that you’ve got one foot in the door that opens up to the land down under.

And we wanted you to know that the decision you made to study in Australia will be the best made in your student lifetime. 

So let’s open up this door and walk right into this topic, shall we?

Australia- the land of dreams. We don’t want to throw around all the usual touristy stuff to start this article (which we are sure you have dreamed of visiting since you were five- I mean who hasn’t, right?)- from the Sydney Opera House, the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, to the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and much more. So we are going to hop right over like a kangaroo to other things Australian you should know of. 

The Aussie Slang.  The locals abbreviate pretty much everything.  Rule of thumb is any word with three syllables gets shortened. So, you will be heading to Maccas (McDonald’s) when you’re hungry or to a Barbie (barbecue- yes-even we did not see this one coming). And if you are stuck in traffic, you might want to stick your head out and say, “It’s chockers in this direction.” and you will fit right in, we tell you. 

The mercury rise. Australian summers are, as you know, sometimes a bit heavy. And not to add- places like Melbourne are famous for having four seasons- notoriously in a single day- it might start out sunny. Then become stormy and rainy, and be all sunshine again like nothing ever happened. All this in less than a time span of 24 hours. 

AFL- a sport much similar to Rugby. If you’re not a fan, you might want to keep that to yourself. Trust us on this.

We bear good news for coffee lovers. In Australia, coffee is not just coffee, well technically it is but what me mean is it is an art form. So you can go ahead and order that triple venti soy latte with extra whip and caramel drizzle and we guarantee- you will not be disappointed.

The sweetest part of your Australian experience will not be just be your amazing caramel coffees– it will be your fantastic university life. 

Australia is home to many highly reputed universities and offers qualifications that are recognized worldwide. According to Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings 2019, there are 35 top Australian universities, of which six are among the top 100. 

And recent stats reveal that Australia is the third highest in international student numbers. Why wouldn’t it be? There is no shortage of options for students looking for study choices.

With an ocean of study options to choose from- ranging from Technology, Engineering, Management to Science, Finance and much more.  Amazing top ranking universities and state-of-the-art facilities. High teaching quality. A balanced student life. Beautiful location. What more could a student want for a fulfilling student experience? (Answer: Nothing)

Have a gander at the Top Australian Universities

Here’s a look at the best universities to study in Australia as per the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2019. 

1. University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne is the second oldest in Australia and houses 45,000 students. It has produced 280,000 alumni all across the globe.

It has over 12,000 international students of 130 nationalities.

To add to that- the University also sets the bar quite high with teaching and research quality. Nobel prizewinner, Peter Doherty; and fellows of the Royal Society-teach and research at the University. 

2. Australian National University

Australian National University (ANU) is based in Australia's capital city, Canberra.

It is home to six Nobel prizewinners among its faculty and alumni, and the University’s vice-chancellor is  a Nobel laureate. In 2011, Brian Schmidt, the vice-chancellor, produced evidence that the universe’s expansion is accelerating and won the Nobel Prize in Physics.

ANU enjoys partnerships with universities from around the world including the University of Oxford, Yale University, the National University of Singapore, and ETH Zurich among others. 

3. University of Sydney

The University of Sydney is Australia’s oldest university- having been founded in 1851. 

The University is based in Sydney- one of the best university cities for international students like you. It is home to 43,000 students with international students of 134 nationalities.

It has international partnerships with universities from over 30 countries and has produced five prime ministers. 

4. University of Queensland

The University of Queensland ranks among the top 50 in the world and is a leading research and teaching institution. It has invested in world-class campus facilities and focuses on innovations in numerous fields that are life-changing advances.

It is home to nearly 12,000 international students of 141 nationalities. 

Some of its notable alumni include Fortune 500 company CEOs, Nobel laureates, Geoffrey Rush- Oscar winner and more.  

5. Monash University

Monash University is one of Australia's leading universities and ranks among the world's top 100. 

It is home to nearly 44,000 undergraduate and 20,000 postgraduate students. The University has five campuses in Victoria and one in Malaysia. There is also a research school in Mumbai, India; a research and teaching centre in Prato, Italy; and a grad school in Jiangsu Province, China.

Some of its notable alumni include Peter Carey-Booker Prize-winning novelist, Nick Cave-musician, and David Williamson-playwright, among many more. 

These are the top Australian universities and if you want to know more about other highly reputed universities from Australia-you picked the right place to stop by.  Or if you are just looking for guidance to study in Australia- our team of counselors can help with that. 

Fill in our call back forms- or just drop us a line on our chat- we will get back to you to get you started on your Australian study dream as soon as we can!

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