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23 Jan 2015 276 1 min Share

Oxford Brookes University - Indian Student Case study

Brookes is one of the biggest names in the UK for hospitality. The course was chosen after going through the entire curriculum and options it provided

23 Jan 2015 276 1 min Share
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Name: RitikaKanojia

Course:  International Hotel and Tourism Management
Study Level:MSc
University:Oxford Brookes University
Country of origin: India
Q. Why did you enroll on your course and how did you choose your university? 
Brookes is one of the biggest names in the UK for hospitality. The course was chosen after going through the entire curriculum and options it provided
Q. Why did you choose this Countryas a study destination?
As it is located in Europe, it opens the door of knowledge not only about the country but also about the whole of Europe and world. The language of education is English which makes it easy as most Indians today do their schooling in English language.
Q. How would you describe the structure of your course? 
It gives a wide array of subject areas within hotel management. It is a challenging course with good electives. 
Q. How does the English teaching style differ from that in India?
The teaching pattern is good in the UK as there is a flexibility by giving options. The courses in India normally have one assignment and a lot of exams. UK education has good balance of presentations, assignment and exams. In India, the subjects are wide and deep along with a lot of subject in each semester.
Q. How did you fund your studies? 
Tuition fees – bank loan
Accommodation and other expenses – paid by parents 
Q. What were the biggest challenges that you faced in your first year? 
I would say the biggest challenge for me was making good friendships. I am a social person and I make friends very easily and I have friends and acquaintances in UK. Adapting to the education system, which is more focused on independent study was also a challenge. 
Q. What are the best things about your course?
Electives, work placement that it offers, and weekly guest lectures from the industry. 
Q. What are you planning to do after graduation?
I have another year for the work placement. I would like to learn a language during the placement. After finishing the placement I would like to work as a travel guide or in product design for a travel company.
Q. What advice would you give to other Indian students?
Be aware of the fact that it a completely different teaching and learning process. Try to find out about the curriculum and courses as much as you can and as early on as you can. Only take up a course if you are absolutely sure about it and dedicated towards the subject. Study but socialise as well when you get here.
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