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Mahesh Ramani
12 Aug 2015 266 1 min Share

What's Right for You - Big University or Small University?

The college or university that you choose to study; might change the course of your life! - An Infographic that gives you an idea on whether to choose a Big or Small University.

12 Aug 2015 266 1 min Share
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The college or university that you choose to study; might change the course of your life! Do not choose a smaller university to save some money! Similarly don’t opt for a flashy top-notch university just for the sake of a big brand-name.

Weighing the pros and cons of a bigger and a smaller institution; one arrives at the following conclusions - a bigger college offers brand-value, recognition, wider variety of courses and experienced faculty-members. A smaller institution will offer students a stronger ‘sense of community’, hands-on learning and more access to faculty-members.
The cons of studying at a bigger institution are - a student will feel lost in the crowd, bigger class sizes, break-neck competition for leadership roles and on-campus part-time jobs. Studying at a smaller institution limits a student’s choice of courses, on-campus facilities, research opportunities and chances for social interaction might be limited.
Whichever course you choose to study; do thorough research; compare at least four to five institutions, which offer the course, check for scholarship options and part-time job opportunities and campus recruitment options before finalising the college or university!
View the infographic below for a detailed comparison!

Inforgraphic Credit: Online Schools
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