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Mahesh Ramani
06 Aug 2015 4.1K 2 mins Share

Two Real Student Stories about UK Visa that You Shouldn't Miss!

In this article we look at two students from India; Arshi and Agnesh who go through the journey of apply their UK student visa and are currently studying in the UK.

06 Aug 2015 4.1K 2 mins Share
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Getting a student visa to study in the UK; may seem daunting and challenging. If you have the proper documents and are confident then getting the visa would be a breeze. In this article we look at two students from India; Arshi and Agnesh who are currently studying in the UK. This article is based on the video produced by the University of Sheffield and the British High Commission.

The video shows Arshi in her college stating how she aspires to go to the UK for her postgraduate study. Similarly we are introduced to Agnesh - an engineering student, who aspires to go to the UK as well. We see a tinge of nervousness in the two of them as they get ready to attend the UK student visa interview. Intermittent shots of a ‘Study in the UK Seminar’ are shown, wherein we see students listening anxiously to the speaker - Suchita Gokarn from the British High Commission, who says that the ‘Time she spent in the UK was special and initially there would be a bit of home-sickness; but one would eventually make new friends’.
This is followed by a sequence of quick shots of parents of students who are going to go to the UK for higher studies. The parents feel a bit concerned that they would be away from their children; but agree that this is part of growing up and the students will become independent and make new friends.

At the Venue:

Now we see Arshi and Agnesh getting ready to attend the visa interview. They reach the venue and are asked to show copies of their passport and appointment letter; they are given a directed by the security personnel to go to a hall. They pay the visa fee and are given a token with a unique number and asked to wait in the sitting area. An LCD television display flashes token numbers in sequence and students accordingly go to the appropriate room for the interview. 

Everyone is Unique - The Biometric Scan:

Agnesh completes his interview then the biometric finger-print scanning is done. He is confident that he will get the visa. Then we see Arshi getting ready for her online video-interview which goes successfully as well.

Official Scrutiny of Documents:

We are then shown a van carrying documents to the British Council. We are introduced to Nat from the BHC who scrutinises each application. 

The Big Day - Do they get the visas?

The final section of the video describes the ‘Passport Collection Day’ - Arshi and Agnesh reach the British High Commission Office and receive a sealed cover with their documents. Both of them are happy as they have secured the Student Visa! The video concludes with montage of the two students and the end credits!

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