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Mahesh Ramani
03 Dec 2014 379 1 min Share

Advantages of Speaking Many Languages

An infographic depicting the benefits of learning or speaking more than one language. Employers are keen to hire staff specifically for their multi-language skills!

03 Dec 2014 379 1 min Share
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It is an advantage to learn a foreign language; knowledge of French and German is extremely useful while travelling in Europe. The current focus is on learning Japanese and Mandarin (Chinese) as global economy shifts focus from the U.S. to China.

Studies show some interesting fun facts - men and women find people speaking a foreign language more attractive. Children raised by bilingual parents have better memory power and intelligence. Students who learn a foreign language for four years or more out-perform their classmates.
Multi-lingual job-seekers in specific job-roles can expect 20 % more salaries than job-seekers who can only speak one language. People who speak two languages or more are four times less likely to suffer from cognitive impairment. A third of all employers are keen to hire staff specifically for their multi-language skills.
View the infographic below for more details.

Infographic Credit: Kaplan International Colleges
Image Credit:

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