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Kavitha Vijeyavelan
11 Aug 2015 4.2K 3 mins Share

Student life in the USA

All set for a degree in the USA - Good luck to you and read this to be better prepared for student life in the USA.

11 Aug 2015 4.2K 3 mins Share

Doesn’t it get your heart pounding to think about seeing NYC’s skyscrapers or go shopping in the big apple? Even if you are a nature lover, you will love walking down the beautiful, sunny beaches of Florida or California, or party in Hawaii.  

With so much on offer, this large and diverse country has the world’s highest international student population! That really isn’t so hard to believe is it? Students flock to the US for higher education year after year; the numbers only keep increasing.

International education started picking up in the USA in about the 1950’s and has seen a staggering growth rate since. 

So ready to fly to the US to live your dream student life?

Enter the country that has educated the world famous Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerburg, and even Obama (all three from the alumni of Harvard)!

Heehaw! Cowboy style!

The American culture, unlike what we are made to believe, is not so shockingly alien from ours. American culture is nothing but a blend of all global cultures from almost every nook and corner of the world. Keep the culture-shock at bay by keeping in touch with family back home and make best use of your University’s international student office for any means of assistance.

Sure, you’ll have to also get used to the way they slur their "r’s" after a lifetime of speaking in Indian English but there’s nothing time can’t teach you. Be Roman in Rome and American in America to survive!

Hello Uni Life!

Being a student in the US, you will discover that there’s more to your life at Uni than just study. With numerous student clubs, student unions, and extracurriculars on board, you should take every chance you get to make new contacts and learn how to network well, as this could prove to be very crucial for employment and even timely assistance when needed.

Generally American Universities offer sororities for women and fraternities for men, which consist of students with similar interests. With the help of these groups, you can get involved in charity and community activities together and socialise well to form lifelong friendships.

Mi Casa Es Su Casa!

Generally the kind of accommodation that you’ll be provided can be categorised as below:

  • Uni accommodation: Students will be made to pay accommodation fee inclusive of their University meal plan.
  • Private accommodation: Students have the choice of opting for a meal plan, but it is advisable that you opt for one, to stay stress-free from cooking and preparing meals when you could put your time to much better use.
  • Homestay accommodation: You can be a part of a local family and you will be provided meals which will mostly be included in your accommodation fee. This is a fantastic way to mingle with natives and learn the culture and language well.

Health is Wealth Most Definitely!

You must ensure that you familiarise yourself with the health centre of the college or University you study at and check for the kind of health insurance packages that they may offer for international students. So when you need to make an appointment, you don’t need to fret over your medical bill and can focus on getting better. Medical expenses can turn out to be quite the nightmare if otherwise.

Play Much?

You’ll find that sports score major points in American Universities when it comes to extracurricular activities and shape big social events on campus. Some popular sports played commonly are soccer, basketball, swimming, baseball, volleyball, and tennis.

Uni sports activities are mostly one of these three types:

  • Intramural events where teams within your Uni will play against each other.
  • Intercollegiate events where you Uni team will compete against other Uni teams.
  • Recreational events that are played for leisure.

Bon Appétit!

The USA has countless restaurants and shops to satisfy all kinds of food cravings and sell specialty foods. If you need to stock up on any particular spice or product, you may want to hit the bigger supermarkets or ask for guidance from your student advisor for where you may find these specialty stores. That’s what they’re there for!

If you’re interested in having a look at some of our US listings, browse our site for all the information you need from scholarships through to full fledged program details!

You might also be interested to check out our article: Top Ten Universities in the USA! Do your research well and take the right decision in your life today!

All the best.

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