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Kavitha Vijeyavelan
03 Nov 2014 12.8K 2 mins Share

Low scores? 4 secrets to getting admission abroad revealed

An article that offers admission solutions for students with low academic scores

03 Nov 2014 12.8K 2 mins Share

Are your bad grades holding you back from applying for higher studies abroad? Feel like higher studies abroad is something that is out of your reach? You wish you could reverse time and do better, but you can’t, can you?

Turn that frown upside down, as we take you through four simple, but effective tips to help you apply with more confidence and less stress.

Explain Your Way Out!

Admissions officials are well aware of the fact that grades may sometimes take a hit when students face issues at home, develop some serious illness, experience a death in their immediate family, or have moved and switched schools too many times. Not all times can your grades be taken as an indicator of your capability and admission officials acknowledge this fact. You can choose to discuss about it in your SOP (statement of purpose) or include it within the additional information field in the Common Application. 

You can point out the fact that your grades slipped and mention the reasons for it and if possible, mention that you take responsibility for your grades. You can end it with a positive note that you will ensure the bad grade history won’t repeat itself in your uni study.

The CEO and founder of an educational consulting company, IvyWise, says, “Everybody makes mistakes; there's not one perfect person out there. But how do you learn from those mistakes – if you can explain it thoughtfully and in a mature way, often times a college is going to understand that.”

A Good Word Is All It Takes!

Get your college professors or HOD’s to give the uni a good recommendation letter. Admissions experts say that this can go a long way when it comes to college admissions.  It is seen that a really great recommendation letter can come from a professor who has seen your grades take a dip and improve right back up after you started showing some effort for improvement. You should ideally have good relationships with your professors and discuss with them how you would like for them to address you before they start drafting one.

Hold Your Horses!

It is well known that early admission is highly competitive so admissions experts suggest you wait it out till the regular admission time to apply. You could probably use the extra time to take up challenging programs and help improve your GPA. You could visit your professors and discuss with them what they feel your weaknesses are so that you can work on them. If you can retake exams and increase your score, consider doing so. This would be a huge plus for you if it turns out in your favour. You can point out that when you made an attempt to improve your scores, you came out with flying colours.

Try A Community College!

When you don’t have the kind of academic background for a four year college, admissions experts advise you to get cracking with your applications for a community college. A year in a community college will stand you in good stead and may help you move on to the uni of your choice. So just hang in there! Yet you must maintain your focus intensely on acquiring excellent scores during your time at the community college in order for it to turn out to be a plus point.

As University of Houston’s director of student recruitment, Jeff Fuller point out, “Community colleges are better prepared to handle that and get the student up to that level playing field so they can transfer to a four-year university.”

Now that you know how to take a step forward, it’s time to make a move and get one step closer to getting into your dream university. Don’t let your academic past control your future!

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