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"Need Blind Admissions” - All that you Wanted to Know?

There are a number of premier universities in the USA which offer a ‘need blind admissions policy’ to international students.

Mahesh Ramani
Need Blind Admissions All that you Wanted to Know

Looking to join a premier university in the USA? Worried about tuition fees? Read about ‘need blind admissions’ for clarity!

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Studying in the USA

The USA continues to remain the most preferred overseas education destination for Indian students. Year-on-year, leading universities across the USA continue to welcome students from India and other Asian countries on to their programmes. A degree from a recognised American university is a great foundation to a successful career and secure employment opportunities with a good salary. Premier universities in the USA charge quite hefty tuition fees often running up to US$50,000 a year without incorporating accommodation and living costs.


So is there a solution?

Yes, there is a solution that lets you join some of the most reputed universities in the USA even if you cannot afford the full tuition fees demanded by them.  You may ask “How is this possible?”


Well the answer to this is pretty straightforward, American universities follow a policy called “need blind admissions” which allows students with a good academic score but from a financially weaker strata of society, the opportunity to study at University. This is primarily limited to American nationals only, but a few major American universities have now extended this policy to international applicants as well.


Universities offering “need blind admissions”

The institutions in the USA, which offer “need blind admissions” to international applicants are:


Applying on Time

Applying to these institutions on time is very crucial. Cross-check the institution’s website and ensure that you meet all eligibility requirements as specified by the University and then submit your application form. Only the best of the best can get into these institutions. If you meet the high standards prescribed by these premier institutions in the USA but cannot meet the tuition fees then you should select the “need blind admissions” option when submitting your application.



The other option that you have is to look at universities, which offer generous scholarships. 100% scholarships are almost negligible but a majority of the universities offer generous scholarships that cover well over 50% of the total costs involved and if you can supplement your studies with a part-time job; it will help you further. The most important tool available to you is the power of the internet! Research as much as you can and make a wise, informed decision when you submit your application form.


You can get in touch with us for assistance in short-listing programmes and applying to universities in the USA. Our expert overseas education experts can help fulfil your study abroad dream.


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