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Kavitha Vijeyavelan
14 Aug 2015 711 2 mins Share

How important is travel insurance while travelling abroad?

Losing one’s luggage during air-travel can be a traumatic experience. Be wise and opt for a comprehensive travel insurance package.

14 Aug 2015 711 2 mins Share
Finally you’re done with all your plans and arrangements for your much-awaited vacation abroad. One very important item that I’m sure hasn’t figured in most of our must-have items is travel insurance! Did you know that it’s the general practice abroad to not consider stepping out for a vacation unless they have travel insurance in place first?  Why is it that we are ever optimistic and always under the assumption that nothing could ever go wrong? What would happen if you were to forget your luggage or worse, lose your passport somewhere? You really can’t put a price on your peace of mind during your time abroad. This will really come to your rescue when things fall apart and is worth every penny you pay! 
You can take your pick on the type of plan based on the amount of time you will be spending abroad. For longer periods of stay, as in the case of longer than a year, you can pick an international health insurance plan. The international health insurance is most advisable for expatriates who spend a longer time abroad compared to the usual traveller who goes out just for a short vacation. The international health insurance has numerous advantages and can be tailored as per requirements. It will have a more focused coverage when compared to the usual travel insurance and the price may vary accordingly. 
Generally, international health insurance policies are renewable and in case you develop any sort of major illness, the plan would still cover for your expenses without making you pay for an increased premium. This may even be taken home to your native country for use in treatment. 
For the typical traveller, the travel insurance is the best choice. Some pointers for you while you’re looking for the right scheme: the coverage limit for the scheme must be high, covering numerous locations, as this is only for a short time span unlike the international health insurance. Choice of locations to be added, are on a need basis and depend on your choice. The travel insurance plan may even be made to cover you for numerous trips within a given time slot. It also covers medical expenses while abroad. The three categories of travel insurance that you must look to cover are health coverage (this is your normal medical insurance), trip expenses (inclusive of interruption or cancellation of trip, flight delays, expenditure for transit), and the coverage of personal assets (such as loss of luggage or even loss of passport). It is advisable for you to check if the health coverage includes the cost of helping you arrive at a local clinic in case of a medical emergency. Many travel insurance schemes also cover the cost of repatriation, or the cost of flying you back to your home country. Other additional features may include: dental coverage, accidental coverage, medical coverage for present ailments, benefits for senior citizens, coverage for travel to high risk locations, and many more. 
The premiums are calculated by taking into account the destination and duration of travel, and your age. Generally, a travel insurance plan costs about five to ten percent of the entire trip. 
Travel Insurance should be the first thing that you must look into after you decide your vacation destination. Who knows, it could be just what you need to help avert any disasters when you are out to have a good time. Don’t think twice before investing in an insurance plan! Start exploring what would be best suited for your dream vacation right away! 
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