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Kavitha Vijeyavelan
14 Aug 2015 2K 3 mins Share

What NOT To Pack For Your First Ever Study Abroad Trip!

All set to fly abroad to join university? Be careful about what you pack and carry; airlines have fixed luggage limits.

14 Aug 2015 2K 3 mins Share

Sure - packing for your summer vacay was a breezy walk in the park- but be warned- your much-anticipated study-abroad-trip-packing is going to be nothing like it. Nope, not one teeny bit! 

We know you’re probably feeling traumatized at the thought of abandoning your favourite teddy bear back home- but hey- there are weight limits and space constraints to take into consideration! Also, keep in mind that this is where you are to live for the next three or four YEARS before you start cramming things in your suitcase.  Focus only on taking what maybe unavailable or expensive there.  

The Don’t Take’s!

Don’t have a clue where to start? Perhaps we can show you. Here are a few no-no-items we think should be mercilessly chucked off your packing checklist.

Big Bottles of Liquids!

We understand travel-size shampoos or moisturizers are an absolute rip-off and awww-they look so undeniably cute- but are they really a must? You will definitely find similar products and toiletries in the country you’re headed to. We assure you - not having your favourite conditioner is not going to bring down the quality of your life. However, take enough toothpaste and shampoo for two to four weeks. After all, we don’t want you worrying about brushing your teeth, the minute you land. 

And hey - brighten up--there are some exceptions- we suggest you bring your own sunscreen and contact lens solution - these cost a bomb abroad, so you would be saving yourself some pretty big bucks.

Shoes - How Many Is Too Many!?

Be realistic here- are you flying to Paris for a fashion shoot? We didn’t think so! We recommend you to take not more than four pairs of shoes - a pair for daily use, one for exercise, a pair of bathroom slippers, and a nice pair in case you have to intern or go someplace fancy.

Read Much?

A voracious bookworm, are you? Well - then you might not like what you’re about to hear. Avoid packing in many books- not only are they heavy, they also take up soooo much space! If there are any books that you can absolutely NOT live without- then by all means- take one or just two. 
We advise you to invest in an e-reader – this way you can carry all the books you want with you, without having to exceed your weight limit or break your back.

Versatile Electronics!

Theft of electronic items being quite common, we suggest you to take just your basic electronic essentials such as the laptop and your phone. Do not go overboard carrying many unnecessary items and become a target. For example- you could bring in your iPhone in place of your phone, iPod, camera, and e-reader. You should also buy an adapter/converter back home- this works out to be a much cheaper option than buying one abroad.
But remember, these are just to aid you with your study. In your free time, go out there and get to know your new campus and mingle with your new friends - don’t spend it playing candy crush!

Munch Munch!

We get it- when you can’t make it one day without your favourite pickle – the idea of going months on end without it  just eats you up inside! However, it is wise to wean yourself off and prepare your taste buds for new treats in your future destination. And – news flash- many Indian snacks and even masalas are available internationally- so you really don’t need to sweat it.

Valuable Memories!

This is a no-brainer but- it’s best if you choose not to carry expensive valuables with you. Don’t want them getting stolen or vanishing in customs, do you? Removing that necklace your mom gave you might be better than losing it- so plan wisely.

If you want to take with you things of emotional value, pack a few photos and trinkets that may not have a high price on the “resale market”!

The Bigger The Heavier!

Last and most important pointer-make sure you pack light. Psst - the best way to do that is to limit yourself with a small bag or suitcase. This will force you to pull those maybe-items out and just leave space for the absolute must-items! 

So this, basically, is how you should go about your packing. We hope you have a better idea on what to pick and what to drop now. 

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