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Kavitha Vijeyavelan
17 Aug 2015 2K 2 mins Share

All you need to know about GRE

The GRE is all that you’ll be hearing about as you edge closer and closer to finishing up with your undergraduate degree.

17 Aug 2015 2K 2 mins Share

The GRE is all that you’ll be hearing about as you edge closer and closer to finishing up with your undergraduate degree. So many questions linger in the air, as students endlessly prepare for what seems an eternity for the dreaded exam. So let’s just see what the GRE is and what kind of a module it follows.

What It Stands For

Firstly, GRE stands for Graduate Record Examination and is a standard exam that can be taken world over and is conducted by the ETS, Educational Testing Service based in the USA. This exam is taken by students to gain admission into graduate schools in the USA, Canada and other countries where English is the first language. 
Basic Outline
The General GRE Test is a computer-based exam that has a time slot of four hours with the maximum achievable score being 340. 
Who Accepts the GRE?
It is accepted by over 3,200 graduate schools and B-schools. 
GRE for What? 
A student wishing to pursue a master’s program in the USA or Canada takes the GRE exam. A very few select management courses also require for you to take the GRE, so check carefully for the entry requirements. 
When Can You Take It?
The interested student can fit in the GRE test into their schedule all through the year. You may not, however, take it more than once in a month!  
Cost & Validity
The GRE costs $190 for international students all across the globe. 16.  Your GRE score is valid for a period of five years. 
Ways to Register
You may register for the exam through phone, mail, fax, or online. Doing it online would be far more convenient. 
Two Versions
There are two versions of GRE that you must familiarise yourself with, the General GRE Test and the Subject Test. The General one tests your understanding and logical reasoning skills, analytical skills and rates your overall capacity for learning.  The subject one can be taken only three times in a year and is paper based. The subject areas covered are biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, cell and molecular biology, biochemistry, English literature, psychology, and physics. 
General GRE 
The General GRE is split into three sections, namely the analytical, verbal, and quantitative sections. The analytical writing consists of two essay questions, of which the first one must be completed in 45 minutes, and the second one must be finished in 30 minutes. You must approach the topic given to you with reasoning that is sound and present examples wherever required to support your answer.  Verbal reasoning has two sections with twenty questions that must be answered in a time slot of 30 minutes. Quantitative reasoning also has two sections that run for 35 minutes totally. For either the verbal or quantitative sections, there will be a question which will not count towards your score, but you won’t know which one that is so treat all the questions with equal importance. 
The Scores
Here is how the scores are split up: 
•The Quantitative Section - 170 
•Verbal Section – 170
(To constitute the total of 340) 
•The Analytical Writing Section is rated from 0 to 6 independently from the other two sections. 
Your Second Chance! 
Even if you mess up royally in your GRE, you don’t have to worry because you have the chance to call off and cancel your score completely but this must be done prior to the official publishing of the scores. 
Your GRE score is what defines what program you can study and which universities you can apply to so don’t take it too lightly. Sharpen your pencils and open your Barrons GRE guide now! 

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