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Kavitha Vijeyavelan
11 Aug 2015 53 1 min Share

How the old GRE test compares with the new one

Are you planning to write the GRE? Get all the details about the latest changes to the exam structure in the GRE.

11 Aug 2015 53 1 min Share

Did you know that like many things that have evolved over time, so has the GRE! Students preparing for the GRE, are you familiar with the older face of the GRE test?

Tick tock tick tock! Right from the timing of the exam, everything has changed. Now students can take the test for a longer time frame of 4 hours, which was earlier a three hour slot. The maximum you can score now is 340, whereas earlier the total of your math and verbal could fetch you a 1600! Interestingly it’s been seen that the present one has a higher focus on statistics and coordinate geometry and in order to do well, you should be able to use the quadratic equation with ease.

The New GRE requires you to take up two questions of both the math and verbal unlike the older one which needed just one from each to be answered. But the upside of the new one being, you can skip questions and get back to them later, unlike the older one which forces you to go with its flow of Q’s!

Have your say on which one you think is the lesser of evils!  Here’s  Magoosh’s comparison of the old and the new GRE! 

Infographic Credit: Magoosh

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