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Kavitha Vijeyavelan
10 Sep 2015 948 2 mins Share

Top Ten GRE Tips That Will Inspire You

Finding it hard to study for GRE? Read this article to know more tips and tricks on GRE preparation.

10 Sep 2015 948 2 mins Share

Looking to score high in GRE 2015 - 2016 to be able to apply to your dream university? Don’t let the exam fear get the better of you. Your GRE exam preparation must be well-rounded so take your time to collect all the required material and study well. 

Here are a few prep tips to get you started.
1.Start early
Plan to start your preparation at least six months ahead of time. Cramming in all your prep into the last two months is really not the best way forward. Being organised ahead of time is a very important factor. 
2.Pick out the right guide
Do your research on the internet or ask references for good GRE study guides and collect all the study material with care. This will reflect your exam results directly so put a lot of thought into choosing the right material to study with. 
3.Learn the layout
Learn the GRE layout. The exam is divided into three sections basically: a verbal section consisting of 30 questions, a quantitative section consisting of 28 questions, and an analytical writing section. There may also be additional non-graded sections used for research that won’t affect your score. Familiarise yourself with all of these. 
4.Be well-versed with instructions
Remember that timing is everything in the GRE so memorise all the directions required for each section in the examination. This will make sure that you don’t take up more than required time reading the directions. 
Take time to become familiar and prepare with the different question formats for each section of the GRE. This will help increase you pace in the exam helping you deliver your best within the time allotted. Having a glance and recognising the kind of question being asked will definitely prove to be useful.  
6.Practice, practice, practice!
No pain no gain! That in fact is true so get lots of practice in the forms of online mock exams for the feel of the computer-adaptive GRE or study guides. Do the research and collect all the required material and start your prep.
7.High frequency GRE words
Get your hands on lists of high frequency GRE words either through study books or online. Make your way through the list and make a note of all the words you find difficulty memorizing. This will help you out with the antonym and analogy questions.
8.Tone up your math skills
It’s a fact that none of the GRE questions require advanced math but you must review some of the basic arithmetic, geometry, and algebra skills and memorize all key formulas required. 
9.Prepare for your POV 
Prepare well for the analytical writing section that requires writing a point-of-view (POV) essay and writing an analytical argument essay. Visit the GRE website to find out the list of topics provided to prepare for the POV essays. Make it a point to never bring in personal opinions in analytical argument essay writing and give suitable reasoning. 
10.Take a chill pill! 
Last but not the least; don’t over-stress yourself with jamming into many study sessions endlessly day and night. Keep yourself healthy with breaks, healthy food, and proper sleep. Stay motivated and don’t give way to the pressure, just prepare confidently and you will come out with flying colours. 
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