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Priyanka Karunan
20 Jan 2015 2.9K 1 min Share

What is a good GRE score?

GRE is required for US admissions and it is very important for Visa acceptance. The article talks about the different sections of the GRE exam, best scores, exam preparation tips.

20 Jan 2015 2.9K 1 min Share
GRE stands for Graduate Record Examination. It is conducted for those students trying for admissions into universities in the United States and it compares applicants on the same scale. According to Gigeo of IMTP Consultancy GRE is generally considered to be a tough exam. Engineering as well as science students looking forward to pursue higher education in the United States should give the test in order to qualify themselves for admissions.
There are many universities that provide admissions for students even without a GRE score. In such instances a student should keep in mind that a good GRE score can play a key role in clearing the visa interview.  The visa officers usually focus on both academic and GRE scores to decide whether one should be given a visa. Therefore even if a university does not request the student to give the exam it is better to take up the test and score well.
Graduate Record Examination has two sections one being quantitative and the other verbal. A student who has done mathematics for years might find it easy to score here. The verbal section is generally tough. The exam score is out of 340 and each section carries 170 marks each. A score of three hundred and above is considered to be good and a score above 320 is exceptionally good. If one scores well for the test then the chances of receiving scholarship is high.
As mentioned before the quantitative part is fairly easy when compared to the verbal section. It is important that one scores well for both. The test is conducted every week across major centers. One should keep in mind that in order to register for the test it is important to have a passport in hand.
GRE is required only for universities in the United States but today a lot of MBA schools are also accepting GRE scores.
According to Gigeo of IMTP Consultancy even though countries like Ireland, Australia, Germany and the UK do not accept GRE scores, having a good score is an additional weightage for a student.
He advises the students to start preparing for the test during the third year of college. The GRE score is valid for five years therefore one has the opportunity to work and later apply to universities. 
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