IELTS preparation of band 9 essay
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IELTS preparation: How I wrote an IELTS Band 9 Essay

This article will make your IELTS preparation much easier with an IELTS Band 9 essay!

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IELTS preparation of band 9 essay

We know you’re busy with IELTS preparation. But did YOU know that the average IELTS band score among Indian students is between 6.5 and 7.0? 

Although that meets the minimum requirement set by most universities, you’re most likely to get lost among tens of thousands of other students who’re in the same bandwidth. *Uh Oh!* 

Don’t worry! We’ll boost your IELTS preparation and help you achieve a solid score with a sample IELTS Band 9 essay, that’ll lead you to top universities! 

As you probably know by now, IELTS academic writing session involves two tasks – one of which is the essay, carrying more assessment weightage. You’ll be asked to write about your stand or argument on a particular topic. You’ll need to pen a minimum of 250 words in under 40 minutes. Stay clear of anything shorter or you’ll be “penalised”. 

Although a longer essay won’t get you criticised, our advice for you is to keep it just over 250 words – simply because you’ll have another task to finish post your essay. 

As a thumb rule, DON’T even think of doing any of the following: 

  •   Plagiarising
  •   Writing irrelevant texts (going off-topic) 
  •   Writing incomplete texts (using bullet points)
  •   Informal/casual writing style
  •   Copying directly from question paper
  •   Falling short of 250 words

Get your paper and pens ready, observe and make note of the writing style, tone, language, evidences and of course the richness of the content.

Here is what an IELTS Band 9 essay looks like- download  our sample now. 

 Your essay will be assessed on the following: 

  •  Response: Formulation of ideas, presentation of argument, substantiation with statistics/examples 
  •  Coherence and cohesion: Clarity in the message, good flow and sequencing  
  •  Lexical resource: Vocabulary accuracy and appropriacy 
  •  Grammatical range and accuracy: Language correctness 

Now that you have a solid IELTS Band 9 essay for your reference, it’s time to get started on your IELTS preparation. 

Think you’re ready for the test? Here, take a shot at our IELTS mock test for free and find out for yourself!

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