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12 May 2017 393 2 mins Share

Meet Asri – who took the IELTS test 10 times and achieved perfection

Asri Samsu from Indonesia talks about his experience of taking the IELTS test 10 times to achieve a band of 6.5 and get into his dream Australian University.

12 May 2017 393 2 mins Share
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Meet Asri - who took the IELTS multiple times to achieve perfection

Asri, a local government official from Soppeng city in South Sulawesi province of Indonesia, had never thought of getting an international degree. A graduate from the Curtin University, Asri talks about his proud moment on achieving a perfect IELTS score (band 6.5) and availing a government scholarship for his abroad studies.

1. Why did he take the IELTS test? – Asri says the only way that was left to him to sponsor his education abroad was through a government scholarship, thus he wanted to take the IELTS and apply for the scholarship.

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2. How did he prepare for the IELTS? – Asri says there is no shortcut to prepare for the IELTS. The only way is – hard work. He made it a habit of listening to podcasts and radio programmes in English language. Also, he made sure he read materials in English, including English newspapers, every day so that he could understand the language better.

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Asri says: "Writing was the most difficult part of the IELTS test. It was not easy for me to transfer the idea [I had in my head] in the writing section, especially if I suddenly forgot the words I needed to explain the idea."

Besides, the idea of repeatedly practising test materials [IELTS mock test] with his friends helped him too since that was the best way for him to share ideas on how to answer certain questions and remember spellings.

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3. How did he feel about achieving his desired band in IELTS? – Asri was relaxed before the test, which perhaps helped him to concentrate more. His aim was to achieve a band of 6.5 and get into Curtin University (since that’s the minimum score required). But he had to constantly shuffle between the IELTS and scholarship entrance exam. Although it was exhausting for him, after trying for a few months (10 times), finally he made it. And he was proud of his achieved score.

4. His advice to aspiring IELTS test-takers – he suggests: "work hard and complete all practice materials that are given to you. But one thing that plays a significant role during the exam is your presence of mind or a psychological factor."

Finally, Asri concludes saying that “be relaxed, focussed, believe in your capability and don’t panic when you face a difficult question in the test.”


Not everyone has the calibre to master the English language in a few weeks or months time for the IELTS. Some students out there might struggle to remember certain simple words as the test day comes closer. Don’t lose hope because, as Asri says, hard work is the key. If you’re not happy with your IELTS band, keep trying until you achieve perfection, and no one is going to ask you not to.

However, you can’t keep trying for long; instead you should tell yourself – ‘the next attempt is going to be my last’ – and give your best to get a band you want.

Asri Samsu is now a proud graduate of Curtin. Want to practise hard and ace the IELTS test like Asri? Our IELTS expert can give you all tips and tricks to achieve a perfect band for your admissions abroad.


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