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Studying Abroad - Do's and Don'ts

A useful guide for Indian students on how to survive in a foreign country; how to compete in studies and obtain a good job.

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Unlike in India, you have plenty of opportunities abroad to prove your creative abilities and research capabilities, and gain valuable work experience. Make the most of these opportunities.

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Every year, thousands of Indian students go abroad to study. Be it the USA, UK, Australia, Singapore or New Zealand, each country and university offers its own set of challenges (both academic and cultural) to Indian students. Here are some quick tips on how you can survive your stay abroad while excelling in your academic pursuits too.

Strong skills and concepts

You need to stand out from the crowd and go beyond the mediocre, to get noticed by your faculty and recruiters. To achieve this, firstly ensure your concepts are strong, and then acquire the required skill sets to land a good job in your area of interest. Unlike in India, you have ample opportunity abroad to prove your creative abilities, research capabilities and gain valuable work experience. Make the best use of these.

Work hard smart

Nobody will penalise you for bunking classes, but nothing can replace the value of a live face-to-face interaction with your faculty. As long as you maintain an above average GPA, you are free to enjoy campus life. Learn to think independently, and use the available academic resources effectively.

Safety first

Be well aware of your surroundings at all times, and avoid flaunting either your religion or your wealth. Without comprising on your identity or individuality, learn to blend in and make the effort to mingle with the locals.  This will ensure you stay safe and make good friends.

Cook at home

Eating out every day is a definite shortcut to obesity. A Big Mac contains totally unnecessary calories and can get quite boring after a while. Buy the ingredients and make the effort to cook, whether you choose to live off-campus or on-campus.

Buy student medical insurance

Though many universities have made it mandatory for international students to pay for medical insurance, it’s definitely in your own best interests. Medical assistance is expensive abroad. You can also take all the over-the counter drugs you are used to from India to avoid buying them there.


The more contacts you have, the more likely you are to find a good job faster. Keep building on your contacts from the day you start college, and work consciously on broadening your network in the professional and social areas. These contacts will come handy when you are looking out for a part-time job while studying or a full-time one after graduation.

Avoid bad influences

Stay away from people who are likely to influence you negatively. In other words, avoid drugs and other unhealthy practises. You are there to study and it helps to focus on that. Most colleges offer plenty of healthy diversions like sports, cultural get-togethers, student clubs, etc. for you to participate in.

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