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Kavitha Vijeyavelan
11 Aug 2015 899 1 min Share

How Much Is A Bachelor's Degree Abroad?

An Infographic depicting the cost involved in undergraduate study across the globe - Go through the interesting stats.

11 Aug 2015 899 1 min Share

Have you been planning to do your bachelor’s degree abroad and feel overwhelmed by the numerous choices you have on hand? sheds some light on the cost involved in undergraduate study across the globe.

 Private universities in the US cost the highest per annum, at about US $ 26,273, whereas Canada comes to about only half as much with a tuition fee of about $12,038. It’s no shocker that the most expensive private college belongs to the US, which is Columbia University in New York, charging an annual tuition fee of US $ 45,290! Quite heavy on the wallet! The land down under, Australia, has tuition fees ranging from US $ 14,667 to $ 36,669.
 Surely enough, the cost of your degree will vary widely based on the major you choose. As per recent findings, the most expensive majors are Engineering, Medicine, Law, Aviation, Interior Design, Architecture, Dentistry, Music and Art! Some majors such as Philosophy, Dance, Communication, and Physical education, just cost you a bomb and offer some of the least paying jobs in the industry. Make sure you strike these of your list if you intend on earning well!
Go through these interesting stats for more! 

Infographic Credit: Education Requirements
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