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ROI of Studying Abroad

Take a look at the ROI of studying abroad and evaluate whether its worth the expense and if there are real long term benefits.

Kavitha Vijeyavelan | 31 Jan 2013 | Updated on 02 Dec 2014 | 1.1K Views

A recent study involving 135 Human Resource managers from across 75 firms has revealed that skills obtained by studying abroad are among the most sought-after employee traits.

Despite the fact that it involves such huge investment, higher studies abroad never seems to lose its charm. Does it really give as much output as it takes in for its input, or in financial terms, is it something that can promise us a good ROI (return on investment)? The answer is a big yes! 

As an immediate impact of studying abroad, career goals are found to broaden: 35% of students experienced a ‘notable difference’ in their goals on graduation. On the whole, 41% of students seemed to reveal strong interests in pursuing studies abroad, in comparison with a mere 17% who didn’t; 58% actively pursued careers abroad post degree completion.
A recent study involving 135 Human Resource managers from 75 companies revealed that skills obtained by studying abroad were found to be included among the top 4 important employee traits that are looked for, which are technical knowledge, managerial ability, strategic international understanding, and cross-cultural experience. To add to this, 90% of employers believe that students who’ve studied abroad are more employable with better communication skills, maturity and flexibility. 
All this just goes to prove again that hard work always PAYS off! Have a look!


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