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THE USA: Student Accommodation

Accommodation in the US: University Village at Iowa State University

Malaysian student Ashley tells us about University Village, the on-campus accommodation at Iowa State University she resides at. Ashley tells us about this complex, including the facilities available and activities to help residents bond…

University Village at Iowa State University

‘“Wow, these cosy lil’ cottage looks exactly like the cottages in the shire from the lord of the rings movie!”


This was my first thought when I arrived at University Village at Iowa State University for the very first time. University Village is where I call home for the past two years that I have been here in the United States. The scenery surrounding my cozy apartment is filled with lush green grass, blue skies and picturesque views. Ever felt a warm tingly feeling when you have returned home after a long journey? That’s exactly how I still feel every time I reach home despite staying there for two years.


What I love to do most at UV during a cold winter’s night is to look out the window with a toasty warm cup of hot chocolate and simply just breathe in the scenery as it is one in a million. Here in University Village, students are able to enjoy one of the lowest rent in town and enjoy the comfort of a cozy home as well.


The SUV Community Center (Grey Building)
The SUV Community Center (Grey Building)


In the very beginning, one of my main worries when I was assigned to this apartment was the fact that it was unfurnished. However, looking back, I have to say it was an unnecessary as Amazon is the key to the problem. With just a click on the mouse, I was able to furnish the whole house under a budget of $700.

University Village is the place to be at if you appreciate peace and tranquility. Neighbors are incredibly friendly and approachable. The Iowa Niceness is especially evident here.  Furthermore, an apartment in University Village could gain you friends for a life-time. I know I did. My roomie was such a dear as being 1 year my senior, she showed me around town such as where to get the best food here in Ames and how to take the bus. During cold wintery seasons, we enjoy spending our free time playing board games. Jogging was also a common passion that we shared as the view around University Village is simply just breathless.


Despite being peaceful, University Village does have its exciting days. The UV community center hosts various events throughout the years. One of my favorite event that are hosted annually at the UV community center is the Cy-nease New Year Event where students could enjoy exciting performances, games and awesome food in conjunction of the Chinese New Year celebration. Moreover, Movie nights and Thanksgiving parties held here at the SUV community center are also wonderful ways to past time as well. Fret not if you are new and are in need of friends, simply just join in the fun and you will get to know people from all around the world.

If you are not good with fixing things around the house like me, clogged pipes, busted light bulbs, no worries! The Department of Residence is extremely efficient. Simply just submit a work order online and they will be here to save the day in a jiffy.


SUV Laundry Mat
SUV Laundry Mat


The laundry mat in university village is situated at the very center of the community with more than 100 washers and dryers readily accessible for the use of residents at a relatively low rate. This facility offers tremendously convenient laundry services for residents as it is within a maximum of a 5 minutes’ walk from the furthest end of the university compound. Felling bored on a lazy day? Hang around the laundry room and you can enjoy the company of others and be entertained with interesting conversations while waiting for your laundry to be clean and fresh at the same time.


All in all, University Village is a wonderful place to experience campus life and I would definitely strongly recommend it to fellow students.’



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