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Kavitha Vijeyavelan
05 Jun 2017 139 3 mins Share

Top Five Academic Factors to Make the Right Course Pick!

The wide variety of study options abroad confusing you? We will show you 5 simple ways to find your right study pick for uni. Read on for more!

05 Jun 2017 139 3 mins Share

Ernie Meany Miney Moe…which course is better- I want to know! OK- we know picking out your uni courses are not THAT easy- but really- it isn’t all that hard. Trust us. We know what we’re talking about here. Maybe it seems difficult because you don’t know exactly how to go about it.  We understand how important this is to you and how much you want to find that perfect study experience. Which is why we thought we’d share this with you.

Recently, when a batch of uni applicants were asked about what academic factors influenced their course pick the most, this is what they had to say (you can find the full report here)…

1. Don’t Judge a Course By Its Title!

It’s always what’s on the inside that counts. Or in other words- the course content. 73% of students found this to be THE most important factor while choosing. Big surprise there- just some sarcasm in case you missed it!

So do NOT just skim through course content- because- believe you- me, you will definitely need to do some serious reading up to pick out the right choice while comparing courses side by side. Many may look similar- so get as much information as you can from their website and the university itself in case you need to- in order for you to make that comparison and pick.  Also- ask yourself if the course modules are in line with your area of interest.

2. The Rocking REP!

The second most crucial factor, according to students (or to be more exact 59%), was the uni’s reputation. What is the uni known for? Networking with employers? Career support? More individualized student attention?  Teaching? Research? A wide international student community?

We advise you to think from a multi-dimensional angle- rather than considering the academic aspect alone. Try to talk to alumni and current students of the uni to feel the beat of the campus community. Do you see yourself having a fruitful student life there?

3. Facilities that Will Make You Use Your Faculties Better!

Another factor that students (58% to be precise) seemed to consider key was the academic facilities. Because let’s face it- this is why we invest so much time and money to go study abroad in the first place. For the state-of-the-art teaching, researching, and learning facilities like laboratories, libraries, high-end study spaces, lecture halls and much more- that will add to our study experience.

We understand that you won’t be able to make it to the uni open day (obviously)- so we are not going to advise you to rely on that. But do research well on their facilities from every source possible- like their website, current students, alumni- or if available- we insist you take their virtual tour. If you have any specific questions- you can always address them to the relevant faculty in the uni.

4. What the Uni Brings to The ‘League-Table’!

Look up your uni in the League Table rankings or THE rankings or QS rankings…where does the uni you want to get into stand amongst other unis in international rankings? And how are their subjects ranked?  We found that four out of ten students felt this was crucial criteria to making the pick.

While numbers matter and it is easy to believe that unis at the top are doing it all right, we insist that you also have a look at the other ones- try to sort of read between the ranking lines- just so you get the full scoop and not walk away from what could have been a perfect course- match for you. 

5. ‘Cause You Don’t Want Your Course Work to Become Your Cours(EW)ork!

13 assignments, 4 essays, and 6 exams into the semester- we don’t want you to realise in sheer exhaustion this isn’t working out for you. Which is why we urge you to do a thorough check of what kind of course work is involved for the course you are in for. Will you be doing more problem solving or essays? You prefer hands-on learning? What’s it going to be all like for you once the first semester kicks in?

And also how much of your time will you be spending in lectures and how much time will you have to study? Will internships and placements be part of your course? 37% of the applicants seemed to have considered all these quite strongly.

So pay attention to these factors- guys- and we promise- it will definitely pay in the future (literally).

And with that- there you have it- in quick, crisp points all you need to know to be able to pick out your perfect study option with ease. We’re confident that you will make the right decision you can thank us later when you are a happy uni student studying away your dream course in your dream university!

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