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20 Jul 2015 1.4K 2 mins Share

Animal husbandry courses for those who love farm animals

Animal husbandry programmes pursued abroad prepare you to work with farm, zoo and lab animals anywhere in the world. Usually offered through agricultural science departments.

20 Jul 2015 1.4K 2 mins Share
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Animal husbandry refers to the care of livestock – pigs, cows, goats, sheep, chicken and horses.

The science of looking after domestic animals, which are used primarily as product / food sources, is also commonly known as animal husbandry.  Farmers, ranchers and sheepherders - anyone who takes care of domesticated animals, especially in large groups, practices animal husbandry.

Animal husbandry programmes pursued abroad prepare you to work with farm, zoo and lab animals anywhere in the world! Usually offered through agricultural science departments, formal training in animal husbandry serves as a sturdy foundation for careers in animal care and livestock management, and graduate studies in veterinary medicine.

While an associate or bachelor's degree may be enough to become a production specialist or farm manager, livestock nutritionists are typically required to possess at least a master's degree. For an initial entry into the field of animal husbandry, you will need an associate animal husbandry degree covering breeding, livestock nutrition, farm animal production and biology. As part of a typical associate animal husbandry degree, you will also receive training in business, management and marketing.

A typical bachelor’s in animal husbandry or animal science gives you the opportunity to specialize in a particular livestock sector or phase of husbandry and production by undertaking foundational courses in animal, plant and soil science, chemistry and genetics,. Master's degree programmes are intended for advancement in the husbandry field or as a pre-requisite for doctoral degree. Graduate students examine advanced topics in animal science such as animal reproduction and animal nutrition.

One of the important benefits of pursuing an animal husbandry programme abroad is that you will be exposed to workshops in specific livestock topics related to breeding, handling or feeding, and seminars where you will be able to interact with experts in the field. Field trips and on-the-job training not only provide you with that extra edge of work experience to put on your resume, but also help you to decide which avenue of animal husbandry you would like to choose for a career.

On graduation, you can become an entrepreneur, consultant, business manager, service provider; pursue research; work as farm personnel and more, displaying and gaining expertise in streams such as breeding, trade, horsemanship, sport, and animal behaviour and welfare.

As the first step to help you realize your dream of pursuing study options in animal husbandry, Hotcourses India has listed a number of leading education providers who offer reputed courses in the field. Choose the best according to requirements and convenience and you could well be on your way to a fulfilling career.

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