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05 Oct 2016 252 2 mins Share

B-schools abroad and their MBA acceptance rate! Facts you should know

Get an idea about the acceptance rate at high-profile B-schools abroad and why you need a plan B always!

05 Oct 2016 252 2 mins Share
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B-schools abroad and their MBA acceptance rate!

You know about some of the sought-after business schools or B-schools in the world. You also know about the top MBA programmes offered at different universities or colleges.

Now, we talk about the B-schools with highest MBA acceptance (admission) rate to help you streamline your ideas on pursuing a lucrative MBA career. First we give you a glimpse of some of the leading B-schools with lowest MBA acceptance rate.

Best things in life are always difficult to achieve – if your honest toil pays off, you get to hear ‘congratulations!’ and you receive your offer letter from the university.

Similarly, data shows that some of the top-ten B-schools accepted just 15.6% of their applicants in 2015, the lowest in 4 years. In 2014, these schools accepted 16.4% of their applicant pools, whereas in 2012 they accepted 17.0% of their applicants. On the contrary the number of applicants received by these top-ten B-schools was approximately 52,380 in 2015, 51,735 in 2014 and 49,600 in 2012 and the number of students who got admitted was approximately 8,366 on average.

Schools with the lowest acceptance rate included the Stanford University in California, which admitted only 6.1% of applicants in 2015 fall and Harvard University that received 9,686 applications for its graduate business degree programs in 2015, out of which only 10.7% of applicants were accepted, making the school's acceptance rate one of the lowest. (Check the graph below.)

On the other hand, if you think out of the box and apply to the universities (mentioned in the below graph) with higher acceptance rate, you can save yourself from the stress that you have to otherwise go through.

The University of South Florida topped the list with 100% acceptance rate in fall 2015, followed by the Northern Arizona University which showed an acceptance rate of 96.2% of applicants having a close competition with the Belmont University that showed an acceptance rate of 91.9%.

The bottom line:

It is difficult to get into the cream institutions due to their massive sorting attitude to pick the best ones. Another major reason could be due to limited number of seats available at these institutions during a particular intake. That’s why we suggest you to keep all your options open and not just stick to one.

You should not lose hope; you could be the next best one! Getting or not getting into the top-notch B-schools doesn’t prove that you will not be able to capitalise on the opportunity of pursuing an MBA. It is an evergreen subject that offers a number of ways to expand your ideas and entrepreneurial skills.

The top-tier MBA institutions will always remain highly competitive, which is quite inevitable, so you should be clever enough to make your move to other B-schools where you will find yourself hopeful about your application process.

Data source: U.S. News & World Report.

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